Thursday, December 11, 2014

Representative Cynthia Lummis and the Republicans blame Obamacare for Everything

Now that the Republicans have resurrected the granny starving Paul Ryan Path to Penury and are adamant they are empowered to destroy Obamacare it time to recall the right wing health care plan:
If you were wealthy you'd be healthy 
But if you're poor and sick 
Do us a favor and die quick
Or... So I thought. But, it turns out that Obamacare is so pernicious and so evil that even Multi-Millionaires whose wives are Congressmen are being killed by it's odious grasp.

Here's the story of Congressman Cynthia Lummis via CrooksandLiars. Congressman Lummis recounted her late husband's brush with Obamacare Death Panels during the oh so important Hans 'Yippee KiYay' Gruber Investigation.

Lummis stated she and her 65 year old husband Alvin Wiederspahn were some how having problems figuring out if they were covered under Obamacare. The Late Wiederspahn was having chest pains but, decided to ignore the advice of his physicians and decline the tests they recommended because Fuck Obamacare! Well the chest pains the late gentleman was experiencing for months turned out to be a warning sign of Myocardial Infarction, which sadly took the man's life.

"My husband was having chest pains at the time that he was told we were not enrolled in Obamacare, and come to find out, he didn't have all of the tests that he was advised by his physician to have. So on October 24, a week before the election, my husband went to sleep and never woke up."

So what's the take away? Don't ignore warning signs of a potential serious condition? Take better care of yourself and your heart health? Always take your doctor's advice and undergo every test?

Nope, the morale of super rich Congressman Lummis' story is her previous Free Government Healthcare was better for her and her husband and then That Man came into the White House and Ruined Everything!

It's actually unbelievable that Lummis and Wiederspahn didn't undergo the tests knowing that in reality any bills and procedures would be covered when the minor admin snafus were worked out.

But, Republicans don't ever take any personal responsibility. And they most assuredly don't take any responsibility for fucking up Government Bureaucracy. Republicans believe Government doesn't work and once elected they sabotage whatever they can in order to make that belief come true. It's actually their core mission statement once they're elected.

But, in the epistemically closed Right-Wing Internet Fart Bubble this is massive proof of the Obamacare Death Panels.

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Patricia said...

Gene, I can't tell you how many people I know, are able to get healthcare now, thanks to the ACA. I seriously doubt they will ever be able to revoke that legislation no matter how much those fright wing a'holes cry about it. It isn't perfect but what it did for people with pre-existing conditions, parents able to cover their kids until the age of 26. The biggest problem in the recalcitrant Rethug governors (mine included, Chis Christie) not co-operating and dragging their heels despite federal funds to pay for it. If they try and do anything about the ACA, the 2016 election won't be a happy ending for the GOTea Party.