Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pantheon of Second Amendment Heroes Grows (Whites Only)

A White Mass Murderer has gunned down 6 in Pennsylvania, if he had been a black child with a toy pistol I'm sure the killing could have been stopped. But, because the killer was white, with the whiter-than-white name of Bradley William Stone, every deference was allowed in order that his precious Second Amendment Rights could never, ever be infringed.

Thus Bradley William Stone will join the American Gun Nut Pantheon of Second Amendment Heroes.

Yet, Gun Humping Fanatics still claim the Second Amendment exists so they can defend themselves from criminals and Government Tyranny.

And a segment of American Society is facing violence from the Government, thus the NRA would seem to be the prime organization to speak out and lead the fight against Government violence.

Except the NRA and Gun Nuts have been conspicuously silent of late. It's because the NRA supports the violence directed at Minorities.

The Second Amendment, Open Carry Laws, the NRA and Right-Wing groups like the Oathkeepers are not for minorities. They are protections to allow White Males and Females the freedom to gun down anyone who upsets them.

An Open Carry Texas Lunatic used her Second Amendment Rights to murder her ex-husband and step-daughter, "Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people," Open Carry Texas activist and Second Amendment Hero Veronica Dunnachie.

Austin Martin, an 18 year old student at Middlesex High School in Saluda, Virginia had four loaded guns, several knives and more than 600 rounds of ammunition, in his car. Martin was arrested because the commendable Middlesex Sheriff's Department did an exemplary job in stopping another Mass School Shooting.

But, whatever intel the Sheriff's Deputies unearthed which aided them in stopping another White Mass Murderer, it's not unusual that a white 18 year old was treated differently than black 18 year old, Michael Brown.

As the killing of Michael Brown by the unindicted murderer Darren Wilson, the Oathkeepers descended upon Ferguson. To stand with the Protestors? To voice their displeasure at the Violence of Police Officers? To defend Americans against the Paramilitary equipped shoot first, don't ask questions later Tactical Cops?

Nope. To MURDER suspected looters. To kill minorities without trial, without evidence, for alleged property crimes. Thankfully, the St. Louis PD made them get out of their snipers posts on rooftops.

But, the Oathkeepers like all Right-Wing Domestic Terrorist groups (e.g. Republicans in Congress, Faux News Viewers, anyone aligned with the Tea Party) wholeheartedly supports violence by the State when it is directed against Minorities.

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