Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wisconsin Republicans, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, are ready for Business

One of the key components of the Reactionary shift in American Politics has been the push by Republicans, from "business supporting" to servile kow-towing lackeys of the 1%, who deceitfully utilize their public office to ensure private business is supported on the backs of the Working Class.

In Wisconsin, the election of Governor Scott Walker was just the cherry on top of the Neo-Feudalist Republican push to crush the regular Wisconsinite and transfer land, property and money to the Rich.

The Koch Brothers consider the State of Wisconsin their Feudal Domains. Scott Walker is their paid lackey, ready and willing to enforce the will of the Koch Brothers at every turn. But, they aren't satisfied with merely controlling Walker. Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers think-tank propaganda arm, is spending millions in order to control the local government of Iron County in Northern Wisconsin.

The Koch Brothers see the natural resources of the American People as theirs, to do with as they wish and the ramifications be damned.

If the Koch Brothers succeed in Iron County a mining operation under Gogebic Taconite will devastate Northern Wisconsin. But, who cares because the 1% will make a boat load of cash while the effects of their putrid mining operation won't affect them or theirs!

The Koch Brothers support the Republican Party because once Republicans are in office they use the Awesome Power of Government to enact blatantly unfair laws because Businesses, like Koch Industries no longer succeed in America by innovation or efficiency, but by ensuring public tax dollars are transferred to them, public domains are seceded to their control and by getting governments to undercut labor at every turn.

Last December, Wisconsin Business representatives demanded special tax incentives and tax-payer funded corporate welfare from Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

The meeting of Public Office holders was closed to the media. This meeting was recorded by the Lt Governor's office but, her office declared the unknown number of Scott Walker specially directed "Tax Reform Roundtables" since last December were not be recorded so Business Reps could "speak freely" i.e. demand the Scott Walker administration give transfer the tax dollars of Wisconsin citizens to them.

Two weeks ago, a bill in the Wisconsin Legislature which would have required health insurance providers cover chemotherapy drugs equally was blocked by state Senate Majority Leader Republican Scott Fitzgerald.

The bill would have eliminated the cost difference between Chemo pills and intravenous drugs, Health "Insurers" opposed the bill and coincidentally, Scott Fitzgerald's brother is a lobbyist for the Health Insurance Industry.

Now, despite the bill having enough support to pass, two weeks ago, Fitzgerald called a special committee to prevent any vote.

Much like, Mitt Romney's infamous things only discussed behind closed doors, Corporate America has spent decades secretly meeting with their operatives the wholly owned Republican Party and Pro-Business Democratic members in order to use the power of government to undercut Labor and enforce a stratified society in which the vast majority of American workers are shackled forever in the chains of Corporate Bondage.


Andrew Acista said...

It used to be "Blame Bush." Then Scott Walker came around and the walking retarded blamed him. Now Harry Reid has instructed his walking retards to blame the Koch brothers.

Maybe, just maybe, one day the idiots will assume responsibility for the disaster they have created. ObamaCare is only a symptom; the disease is liberalism.

Kind of like bedbugs the only effective treatment for liberalism is total annihilation. Vote them out for the good of us all.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Big tough guy talk Andrew. Don't be coy how are you going to annihilate us?

Most likely, you'll just remain a dutiful foot-soldier of the Rich, like all conservatives, marching your fellow Americans into Slavery.

Kulkuri said...

I can't understand why business continues to support the GOP. When they are in charge and give business what they want in less regulation and less taxes, the economy tanks. You'd think that sooner or later they would figure that out. I know the Koch brothers will never change as they are insane with money and the power that brings.

Grung_e_Gene said...


You're looking at the overall impact wrong. Sure, a better economy would mean even more money for the Koch Brothers but, it also means a thriving Middle Class.

And that's the problem. The Middle Class can not be counted on to vote in the best interests of the 1%. When people are doing well, they want things, like medicare, social security and good roads, schools, clean air, water and land.

So, the Rich have made the calculation better to take less profits if it means the Working Class can be brought to heel and ground into subsistence/barely getting by/frightened living, where we won't challenge their Plutocratic Hegemony.