Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eliminating paid sick leave, another front in the Right-Wing War on Americans

As I posted about Paul Ryan's plagiarized fact-free CPAC speech, an overlooked element lost amongst Ryan's another aspect of the Right-Wing's insatiable quest to reduce Americans to wage slaves shackled in Corporate Bondage.

Ryan told the overwhelmingly crowd Obamacare's implementation will cost jobs. But, the Jobs Hosannahs Paul Ryan was signing are not the panacea for America's woes. The Rich are creating jobs, it's just they are creating jobs in which the worker has little rights, for less pay and no benefits. The Plutocracy would no doubt have 100% in America if they could pay us nothing.

Starting in Ryan's backyard of Wisconsin in 2011, right-wingers pushed through State Legislation prohibiting local governments from adopting Sick Leave Legislation. Wisconsin became the second state in the Nation behind Georgia. Following Scott Walker's lead 9 other States adopted similar legislation in 2013 and now nearly 40 million private sector workers can look forward to zero paid sick days

Of course, every state which has adopted this legislation is a so-called Right-to-Work State. Right-to-Work is more accurately known as Right-to-Work-for-Less and it gives Businesses inordinate power over workers and employees. Which, of course, is exactly what Business want and what Republicans time-and-again seek to provide them.

Time and again we are confronted by the fact that Republicans love Big Government intrusion into people's lives.

But, when Republicans attempt these maneuvers on the National Stage, using the Federal Government, they receive pushback, so they have perfected the art of Oppression in the so-called "Laboratories of Democracy", the States. The States are regressing quickly, far from being beacons of Democracy and Freedom, Republicans are turning State Government's into bastions of Tyranny and melting-pots of Bigotry.

But, pointing out Republican hypocrisy isn't the main point here. Republicans love to use the awesome power of the government to restrict and control people it's just they use and put the emphasis on State Power, where they can get away with their Ultra-Reactionary goals enslaving the American Worker into unending Corporate Bondage.
"How did we do it in Wisconsin? The simplest way I can tell you is we had total and complete unity between the state party, quite frankly, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party groups, the Grandsons of Liberty. The 9/12ers were involved. It was a total and complete agreement that nobody cared who got the credit, that everyone was going to run down the tracks together." - Reince Priebus lays bare the Republican Agenda of Wage Slavery and a return to Feudalism.
The Modern Republican Party's message to 99% of Americans is; You have No Friend in Government. 

Have you ever seen a map of the Holy Roman Empire in the High Middle Ages? It's a mash-up of Imperial free Cities, minor Baronies, tiny Principalities, Bishoprics and conglomerations of disjointed Duchies. Each of these tiny Fiefdoms was dominated by a noble or bishop or headman.

That is what the Plutocracy wants in the United States. The Koch Brothers, the DeVos family, Duke Energy, the Wall Street Wealth "Managers" want to bust up the current Nation-State and replace it surreptitiously with little fiefdoms controlled by the modern Nobility, the Capitalists. 

While they claim to support the United States, they merely want the shell of the Nation to exist while in these small enclaves the Rich rule; resting comfortably knowing the Republican Party and Pro-Business Democrats fight to ensure their campaign of Rape (of the Natural World), Theft (of People's Lives) and Murder (of the American Dream) is protected under the auspices of the Federal Government

I forgot to add in the other historical oddity of the Holy Roman Empire, which the Plutocrats want to emulate, the Electors.

The Koch Brothers, Paul E. Singer, Stpehen A. Schwarzman, Tom Perkins, Sam Zell and the other despicable Plutocrats aren't going to be satiatied with merely dominating their small piece of the country, they also want the power to choose the Next President as the electors of the Empire had the power to choose the Emperor.


Philo Vaihinger said...
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Philo Vaihinger said...

Yup, you nailed it. Did you see the news that O is looking to extend the right to overtime to many more American workers? About time.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Yes Philo. It's why I dislike the simple and dishonest narrative of the no difference betwixt Obama and Bush or the Democratic Party and the Rape-publican Party.

Kulkuri said...

The Plutocrats (that reminds me too much of Mickey's dog, I prefer The Masters) may want a shell of a government but they want a strong military to be their enforcers around the world. If they don't get their way they can always trump up some shit and threaten to send in our military. Which may be the real reason they hate Obama, he won't play by their rules when it comes to military intervention!!

Just a thought, but hey, the caffeine kicked in!!

Philo Vaihinger said...

But O is playing along way too much with the globo-interventionists, pissing on Putin's shoes.

The correct policy is: US out of NATO!

The policy of the duopoly is: Shove NATO up Putin's ass!

Tom Harper said...

That's excellent news about Obama extending overtime pay to millions of workers who aren't eligible right now because they "make too much money." (If you're on salary instead of an hourly wage and you make $23,000 a year or more, you aren't eligible for overtime.)

The Right is having a mass pantytwist over this change, which confirms that Obama is doing the right thing.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Yes, the Rich believe the US Government has only two roles; to open up foreign markets for exploitation using the military and for quashing domestic dissent (the working class and poor) with Law Enforcement.

Tom Harper,

Indeed, the Right's breast beating and hair wrenching is usually a good barometer of the correctness of President Obama's decision making.