Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jim Oberweis the next Senator of Illinois... or Flordia!

Republican Jim Oberweis, another Plutocrat who made his fortune off of legerdemain, is running to oppose Dick Durbin for the US Senate. Oberweis will have to win the Primary this March 18th in order to face Senator Durbin in November.

Oberweis is currently an Illinois State Senator having previously run for the US Senate, US House, Illinois Governor and finally winning office in 2012.

Thus far, the only policies State Senator Oberweis has backed is increasing the speed limits on Illinois Highways so his milk and dairy products can reach their destinations faster; accidents, damage to streets and traffic deaths be damned those costs will be borne by society and Illinois Taxpayers, and Pension Theft from Illinois Teachers.

Oberweis voted to steal Teacher Pensions and violate the contracts signed by other Illinois Public employees. Oberweis called the Pension Theft a "step in the right direction" but was worried, "There is no guarantee that the money saved by these reforms will actually be used to pay down debt, instead of being used for new programs." Paying down the debt means transferring taxpayer money to Corporations via pay-to-play tax incentives and special water and power rates for businesses.

Well, now the interesting thing about Oberweis being so worried about Illinois debt is the Oberweis' primary residence is in Bonita Springs, Florida, which coincidentally is where Jim has spent (some? most? all?) the terrible Chicago winter.

This winter in Chicago has been the coldest, when measured by sub-zero degree days, and the second snowiest behind only the infamous blizzard of 1979.

Ah the best of both worlds! Jim's current wife, Julie is a native of Florida and is registered to vote there and she's also registered to vote in Kane County Illinois! In fact in 2010, she voted in both states.

But, it's not Voter Fraud because Julie Oberweis registered to vote in Florida as a precursor to taking a homestead tax exemption for the couple's "primary residence" a $1.3 Million dollar mansion, most likely the one Jim Oberweis spent the better part of this winter relaxing in and soaking up the Florida sun.

Oberweis surfaced in Chicago yesterday (the high was 54 degrees), 4 days before the Republican Primary to give an interview to right-wing toxic talk radio station WLS 890, in which he said, "I never saw the beach, was not there. I did play golf with my wife though."

Awww... Oberweis is going to win the Republican Primary and surely he's just what we need in the US Senate; another Plutocrat Vulture Millionaire who can ensure the poor are punished, the needy are shamed, the hungry are humiliated, and the sick are denied care.


Jerry Critter said...

Sounds like a typical republican!

W. Hackwhacker said...

Shades of Scott "Cosmo" Brown, another likely loser.

Kulkuri said...

right-wing toxic talk radio station WLS 890
That is so fucking sad!!! I used to listen to WLS at night when I was in high school. Had to listen at night as that was the only time the signal would reach far enough for me to receive it. Back then they played top 40 music. One of the DJs I remember from back then is Dick Biondi. He used to tell jokes between songs and one of them got him fired.

Dervish Sanders said...

In regards to Oberweis voting to steal Teacher Pensions, the article linked to by Gene says Linda Holmes (a Democrat from Aurora) "was the only member of the bipartisan pension conference committee not to sign off on the latest pension bill presented to lawmakers".

The article further says that "Holmes subsequently voted against the plan, comparing the pension deal to a thief who comes into houses at night to steal valuables".

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn "has promised to swiftly sign it". The first person to leave a comment in regards to that article says the bill is likely unconstitutional (quoting Article 13 Section 5 of the Illinois Constitution)... and it appears to be the case to me (if the language as presented by "Donald Frump" is accurate). If Quinn signs the bill a lawsuit should overturn it.

Republicans love right to contract, yet always are in favor of voiding pension contracts and stealing from workers. Seems to me like the only "rights" they really care about are the rights of employers and NOT the rights of workers.

Shame on the Dems that voted for this, and Pat Quinn too.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Quinn did sign the law last December and there were 5 separate lawsuits brought against the pension theft legislation. The IL Supreme Court directed all lawsuits should be rolled into one and have been set to be argued in Sangamon County. AG Lisa Madigan wanted the venue to be Cook.

Of course, I've detailed out that the TRS (the #1 Teacher Pension in Illinois) has been "managed" for decades by the firm IL Gov Canidate Bruce Rauner ran for 30 years.

So, it's not surprising that Illinois and other Public Pensions began to go into insolvency once Vandal Capitalists got their hands on the funds. In fiscal year 2009, TRS lost $4.4 Billion (22% of its' value) in 2008 TRS lost 5% of it's value because of the Management of their Portfolios by Rauner-types.

The Pension Crisis is a manufactured one; done by Neoliberals who work for the Plutocracy.