Saturday, July 14, 2012

I'm Sure glad the Republicans keep telling me Global Warming is a Myth

Because if they didn't "catapult the propaganda" I might be worried about day after day of cross-country record breaking 100+ degree temperatures, Mars-like drought conditions and increasingly violent and bizzare wind and storm patterns.

But, as Paul Mulshine of the New Jersey Star Ledger points out, damn the evidence assailing your mind and body everyday, he doesn't believe in it so it's not true! Mulshine commits several Global Warming Denier tropes,
First scientists need to sort out all the possible causes of climate change in a system with an almost endless number of variable.
There's too many variables just stick your head up your own ass and 100 degrees won't feel hot!
[O]versimplified by the Al Gores of the world.
Did I mention Al Gore is fat? And Liberal!

It's part and parcel of the anti-science right-wing climate change deniers. There's too much to study so why study any of it! Al Gore!!! The Bible contradicts what's happening!

But, while most conservatives continue to allow themselves to be duped into violent foaming at the mouth incoherence at the mere mention that the climate is being destroyed, mainly by rich powerful Corporate negligence, regular Americans understand what is happening,
"We now start a month early in the maple season," says Vermont farmer Jason Gagne.

"Warm weather has meant earlier growth," says Jason Shaw, of Georgia Olive Farms.

"Pomegranates are very rare in our climate, but more people are planting them as temperatures increase, says Fred Bahnson of Asheville, North Carolina.
But, hey who are these farmers going to believe Republican bureaucrats safely ensconced in their Washington DC bubble or their lying eyes?


Marc said...

Gee, shifting of growing zones northward wouldn't be a indication of change, would it?

Here's a sign:

the yellow fringe said...

Corn farmer here. I, and anyone, can find on line the soil temperatures for many years back in your area, just search some agricultural sites. In my area the soil temperatures at all levels are up over the years. At 1 meter, 39.3", the deepest normally reported, temps are up 2°C, little over 4°F. These deniers love to cry it's just the weather variations, at 1 meter the weather takes a hell of a long time to make a change, this indicates a real warming. Warmer dirt means nights (especially in low wind speed) do not cool off as much, the feedback loop goes up not down.

Silverfiddle said...

archaeological records and other natural evidence show the earth has gone through very war period as well as little ice ages, and all without cavemen driving SUV's...

The earth's environment is not static. Never has been.

So what is the right temperature for the earth?

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Earth is only 5000-10,000 years old so dumping 30,000,000,000,000 gallons of Toxic chemicals into the ground is A-OKAY!

U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation’s geology as an invisible dumping ground.

Scientists and federal regulators acknowledge they do not know how many of the 680,000 sites are leaking.

the yellow fringe said...

Like Silverfiddle said it got hot even without the snake herders of Eden driving SUV's 333 generations ago.

But, 6,000 years of CO2 was never over 350ppm. The acidity of the ocean was never as high as it is now, they were not "fixing" nitrogen at a rate of some thousands of tons per hour. They had not cleared 2/3 of North America of forest and natural grasses and laid them bare 6 months of the year between crops. They had not dug up whole mountains and thrown it into the air, nor oceans of oil, nor clouds of NG.

What is the right temperature of the earth only matters if your going to eat, or grow things to eat. The difference of irrigated corn being 200 bushel per acre and 180 is a few windy days of 100° or higher. The difference of dry-land corn being 200 bushel acre and 20 bushel per acre is no rain for a month and a few days of 100 and higher. At very high temps, 110 or more, the plant loses more water than it can take in even if irrigated, and even that corn could die.

If you want to eat, the right temperature is what it was 10,000 years ago when man domesticated plants that he could count on, above those temperatures and we can no longer count on them.

PS. Growing zones moved north means hunger. Northern regions hold little of the earths tillable top soils or appropriate sunlight. Very little agriculture can move towards the polar regions.

Sarge said...

Is everything on earth not the very work of God? When a child dies you thunpers fling up your hands and that it was "God's will.
So? Is global warming God's will?
And, to then to deny global warming is not to deny God?

Or, did man play a role...