Sunday, July 15, 2012

Representative Joe Walsh has Got My Vote

To the Honorable Representative Joe Walsh,

Sir, when you lose two legs in service to your country you can not talk about it all you want.

Sgt Grung_e_Gene, USMC Veteran
Now, of course, my taking personal umbrage at the way Joe Walsh blithely and repeatedly dismisses Tammy Duckworth really doesn't matter because conservatives are disgusting hypocrites, who not only give tacit approval, but vocal and electoral support to the despicable Joe Walsh. Mainly, because conservatives are so enthralled to the Republican Party that they hate Tammy Duckworth because she isn't the "right type" of Veteran (Allen West labeled her a Commie!!!!)

So, Joe Walsh undermining and insulting Veterans every time his chicken shit, cowardly, hasn't done anything for his constituents right-wing ass embodies everything modern conservatives love. He's loud, he's ignorant, his argument technique is to shout down those who point out he's wrong, he hates Veterans and Unions and seeks to eliminate the Middle Class in service to the Rich and powerful.

But, conservatives especially adore the way Joe Walsh treats women.

Joe Walsh, while too chicken shit cowardly to join the actual military, is a Right-Wing Lieutenant in the Republican Assault on Women.

So, no matter what vile dishonorable behavior Walsh engages in or how he continues to do nothing for his District, conservatives are going to vote for him. Walsh lays low the conservative lie of them being "Values voters"...


Truth 101 said...

I of course agree with everything you said Gene. But here's the problem. Walsh is correct. The Dems have been running Duckworth for something and promoting her since she left the military. And I pay attention bro. That's all I know about her is that she lost limbs.

I've been booted out locally since I always called for kicking shit out of our opponents the way they kick shit out of us. I was told I wasn't helping.

I don't think I've ever heard Tammy Duckworth speak. All her speaking was done for her by guys like you and I. I spent months berating assholes on Capital Fax, an Illinois blog run by a guy named Rich Miller for those not familiar with Illinois, and I don;t remember Duckworth defending HERSELF or attacking the lies and bullshit.

Forgive me if I just wasn't in the right place to hear or read anything Tammy Duckworth said but she either needs to step up her game or surround herself with people who know what the fuck they're doing because she's going to lose another election if the only people doing her dirty work are guys like you and me Gene.

If she reads your blog Tammy is more than welcome to contact me and I'll write her next speech. I doubt she will though since she is no doubt surrounded by well meaning, albeit, politically ignorant of today's environment, "experts" who will continue to do exactly as Walsh says.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Truth 101,

Tammy's been immersed in Veterans issues, including her stint as Assistant Secretary for the VA, and far be it a weakness it's a strength.

At a time when we have hundreds of Veterans committing suicide and thousands homeless and when only 1% of the US population has seen duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan and only 1/3rd of that has seen duty in both, Duckworth can focus on Vets and their issues at least for a while.

And I refuse to allow Walsh, the failed 80's actor who glommed onto the Tea Party to barely win office is to be given no leeway.

But, all in all Truth you are probably right and Duckworth needs "step up her game" and state what she intends to do as well as hammer Walsh about how he's done zilch for his district and has been more focused on calling President Obama black.

Truth 101 said...

I'm all for keeping the promises we made to our Vets. Duckworth and the party need to adopt a republican strategy of telling the public how much republicans want to take away medicare from grandma so she has to move in with the kids.

How republicans want to destroy the VA and allow Veterans to live homeless. A good video of a Vteran with no legs being shooed away from the entrance of a country club would be great.

I wish i were kidding but the republicans have no conscience and unfortunately the idiots out there base their voting decisions on this type of sales job.

I'd rather win mean than lose the good fight and watch the things republicans would allow come to fruition.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well written Truth but we don't need to adopt the Republican strategy of lying we just need to vociferously point out their evil actions and plans which are designed to subjugate and enslave us to their Rich Corporate Masters.

We must Never Back Down to the Right-Wing villians and criminals.

Truth 101 said...

We don't have to lie Gene. Republicans are truly evil and justify their bullshit with words like freedom or family and patriotism.

look at the health care act. Good bill. Insures millions who wouldn't be otherwise. Republicans say it's an attack on freedom.