Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WASP complains President Obama doesn't understand Anglo-Saxon Heritage (Conservative Racism)

Sadly, this is not a story about a minor star of the 1980's Metal Era talking politics*, for that you'll have to read about Dave Mustaine being excited by Rick Santorum.

A Totally-Not-Racist Republican Mitt Romney advisor complained that President Obama doesn't "fully appreciate" our and Great Britian's special "Anglo-Saxon heritage".
“We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage. The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”
This after John Sununu pouted he wished, "this President [Obama] would learn how to be an American."

Of course, the odious Mitt Romney, Dauphin of the Plutocracy, isn't just going to let his bondsmen raise the specter of the scary dark hued Obama,
"It's a very strange and in some respects foreign to the American experience type of philosophy. His whole philosophy is an upside-down philosophy that does not comport with the American experience."
The evil myopic inability of right-wingers to even understand there exists an American experience outside their privileged White Anglo-Saxon Protestant universe is the second worst thing which infects the Republican Party and the modern conservative movement. The deference and protection Right-Wings Guard Dogs provide to the 1% and Disaster Vulture Capitalists oppressing and robbing the world being the worst.

But, Romney and the Republicans aren't ignorant or myopic. They know exactly what they are doing. Purging voter roles. Complaining about how foreign President Obama is, constantly lying about him apologizing overseas or attacking small business owners, or appeasing terrorists. Republicans are directly appealing to the conservative bigots and racists to win this election.

It just might work.

*- However, Blackie Lawless of WASP supported John McCain in 2008 citing it was a mandate against President Obama and that he wanted to cling to his guns and religion.

Upon recalling that right-wingers ginned up anger when President Obama had the bust of Winston Churchill replaced with one of Abraham Lincoln, I recommend reading Britian and Poland 1939-1943: The Betrayed Ally by Anita J. Prazmowska, to understand how Britian and Churchill misled the Polish Government in exile, delivered the Polish people to the Soviet wolves, and used the Polish pilots and paratroopers as fodder against the Nazis to fully comprehend a "Special Relationship" with Britian.

But, reading the comments over at the Daily Telegraph, the one by Anthony Wilmont (flying the traitorous CSA Battle Flag as a logo) proudly proclaiming, "I want my own state, the Confederate States of America with Ron Paul at its Head!" should highlight which voters Mitt Romney and his Republican ilk are courting.


Dave Dubya said...

If not for conservative bigots and racists the Republican Party would never be elected into power.

Take away the other ignorant and frightened voters and there would be no Republican Party at all. They'd just be another lobby like the Chamber of Commerce.

Gotta hand it to them. They understand marketing and propaganda techniques.

Jolly Roger said...

I want them to have their own states, too. Please. As soon as possible.

Green Eagle said...

ameterbI has always thought that the effective betrayal of Poland by the British took place under Chamberlain.

This was not merely related to Poland, however. Chamberlain's continued refusal to commit to keeping Britain's treaty obligations to Poland was a major factor in precipitating the Hitler-Stalin nonaggression pact. Stalin, who knew perfectly well that Hitler's word meant nothing, was mortally afraid that Britain was setting the Soviet Union up to take on Germany alone, and then after the slaughter, Britain would come in to mop up the pieces. Chamberlain's utter refusal to provide Stalin with any public or private assurances about this led Stalin to sign the nonaggression pact- another perfect example of conservative diplomacy at its finest.

And by the way, it was undoubtedly in Chamberlain's mind to trick Stalin in that way.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Green Eagle,

Well, Mitt's on his way to Poland for whatever reason I'm sure he'll do as go a job there belittling people as he has in London.

Probably by talking about how much he loved the fact that the Poles took Vodka from the Russians but don't get drunk as often...