Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well, Thank You Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

for making the jobs of Police Officers all over the United States that much harder.

Mayor Menino has a flawed concept of liberty and authority. Menino's concept of power and authority appears to extend only so far as he can abuse them in service to the 1%. Menino ordered early morning Police raids on OccupyBoston and 100 protestors were taken away without a violent confrontation. I applaud the OccupyBoston crowd, while having their Rights of Peaceful Assembly violated, they did not give into the Heat of the Moment and give the 1% and their goonish conservative bloggers and smear-merhcants the story they wanted, a conflict between the protesters and the Police.

Lets just be thankful Menino restrained his apparent desire to more fully ape his predecessors; for his announcement, "I will not tolerate Civil Disobedience in the city of Boston," had the tone of a Autocrat and Menino barely constrained himself from inscribing his name alongside, his heroes of yesteryear, those who ordered Ludlow 1913 or Kent State 1970 or Boston 1770.

But, as for the Police here is another stain we are going to have to live down. Another generation is being turned against us because the 1% see Police Officers as little different than the other 99%. And the 1% doesn't give a shit if you die because of it.

Mayor Menino is among the Elite class which does not give a rat's hind tit about the fallout for the average officer on the streets. Police Officers like Soldiers and factory workers, are nothing more than cogs in the Machinery of War and Industry. The 1% and their dutiful Minions, like Menino have no trouble using them to enforce the will the Rich and divide the 99%.

I am a Police Officer. My job is to protect real people, NOT ROMNEY PEOPLE, from bullies, thieves and murderers. It is not my job to arrest a group of peaceful protesters. It is not my job to protect the ill-gotten loot of Wall Street Thieves.

I stand with OccupyBoston! I stand with OccupyChi! I stand with the 99%!

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