Saturday, October 22, 2011

Capitalism Wills It! OWS or the Tea Party? Tear Down the Faux Capitalist System.

#Occupy is calling for those accountable to be brought to justice.

Justice would be the end to the current American Capitalist System, which can be better described as Neo-Feudalism, with all profits privatized and all loses subsidized. It's really that simple, the 1% have been cultivating a political elite (The Republican Party and Business-Friendly Democrats) who cater to their whims, use the power of the Federal Government to control the economy and transfer Trillions of dollars into the hands of a small cadre of politicos, military leaders, lobbyists, and multi-national Corporations.
A University of Zurich study shows 147 interconnected Corporations - mainly Banks - control 40% of the World's Wealth.
We have an increasingly stratified class system in America, the problem is so many of the 99% refuse to believe the evidence before their eyes and fall back on the comfortable narrative peddled by the Guardians of the Rich.

The Republican Party and the Right Wing has to put the focus on President Obama, or SEIU, or ACORN, or Teachers, or lazy minorities because the fact is the system they set-up and tended to, is a rotten evil one in which the 1% have now garnered a vast majority of the wealth of the Nation. The 400 richest own more wealth than 150 Million Americans. The 1% own 70% of all Corporate Stocks. Since the 1960's the mobility of Middle Class families has been downward.

Tax laws and Governmental policy has focused on shifting the burden of the Nation onto the Middle Class to sow dissent, drive wages, and living standards down in the Race to the Bottom.

However, such blatant theft and oppression wouldn't last long if the 1% didn't turn around and blame others for the theft. Hence the "welfare queens" rhetoric and the entire mythos the Right wing has been incessantly repeating for 30 years.

It's never been more clear the distinction than when a grass-roots up-rising of the 99% called for an end to the Wall Street Corruption and were immediately smeared, called Nazis and infiltrated by Right Wing Agent Provocatuers. It's difficult for many to drop what they've been spoon-fed by Toxic Right Wing radio, Faux News, and Conservative Think Tanks.

For decades these organizations have been focused on convincing a sizable segment of the population the problems, the regressive tax structure, the deference to the Rich, the stagnant wages, the loss of the industrial base, the inflation, the growing disparity and tremendous inequality between the Well-Off and everyone else, lies with individuals (mainly liberals and minorities) and not the corrupt system itself.

And that's where we find the Tea Party Dupes and Charlatans and the Republican Blame Barack Obama for Everything Campaign. Here is an excerpt from the most recent Tea Party Nation broadside against Socialism:
Resolved that: Our President, the Democrats-Socialists, most of the media, and most of those from Hollywood, have now encouraged and supported "Occupy" demonstrations in our streets, which are now being perpetrated across the globe, and which are being populated by various marxists, socialists and even communists, and are protesting against business, private property ownership and capitalism, something I thought I'd never see in my country, in my lifetime.

I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.

I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased.

"I'm on Strike!"
Reading the comments I came upon what, I think are plants but, could be the realization of decades of active disinformation,
The EPA needs to be closed. Think of the money that the government would save if it was closed. Think of the money that businesses would save if it were closed and their regulations were rolled back only those needed to keep our enviorment clean. You add closing the department of education and let the states educate their chrildren, close the department of energy that is not needed because the free markets. - Wayne Thomas Inman

You're singing my tune. We will reduce hiring anyway. With all the regulations, it's better to outsource, partner, or utilize the services of independent contractors. That's what four of my five startups are doing right now, and we will continue to use the services of only experienced, independent business people until one of three things happens. 1) We get a government that boldly gives us back our freedom. 2) The majority of small businesses agrees to conduct a tax strike and bring down the government unless the Congress commences immediately to impeach and expel every representative, every senator, every executive branch officer, and every federal judge who has failed to uphold the Constitution in accordance with the interpretation of those who ratified it. 3) Every business person agrees to ignore all unconstitutional regulations and to act as a group to put under citizens arrest any government official or agent who attempts to enforce the unconstitutional regulations. If we wait until the second or third option is necessary, we will also have to band together with armaments to defend our businesses against rioters and looters. Make my day! And let's keep the military on our side. - Ed Stoneham(note the double spacing after periods)

agree, 100% with Melissa; Obama is the root cause of killing jobs in America by his policies;
further, he is killing the coal industry, as well the oil and gas industry and this winter millions of Americans will pay for higher costs to heat their homes - Claire C. Benson
Close the EPA. Obama is killing the Coal Industry. The Free Markets shall save us! Don't hire or if you do "outsource". These are, Classic Capitalists. If the policies they hold to be true, cause suffering to their fellow man or takes their lives; So Be It! Capitalism Wills It!

It's what American Capitalism has always been, whether it be against the women workers at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory, in New York City or the Miners in the Massey Energy Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia. Capitalism has failed the 99%.

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