Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OccupyAmerica Know Your Enemy

My telephone rang one evening, my buddy called for me
Said the bankers are all leavin', you better come round and see
It started revelation, they robbed the nation blind,
They're all down at the station, no banker left behind. ~ Ry Cooder
The OccupyAmericaRevolution is now a fact. It's not going away. Now everyone in the 99% needs to know who is with them and who will fight and defend the 1% and the Criminals and work to hide and obscure their crimes and lies.
We are the 53%?
Erick Erickson has started a counterrevolution. 53%? Erickson is selling himself short! He's a 100% puffy-faced chicken hawk blogger CNN contributor! Erickson is best known for calling Supreme Court Justice David Souter a "goat-fucker". But, Erickson's 53% tumblr is an extraordinary exercise in hatred of the poor and punch-a-hippie. First, read Gawker's breakdown of the couple hundred dupes who believe the conservative liars like Erickson. And then notice Erickson uses himself as image #1. He starts by writing I work 3 Jobs. And what are the 3 jobs? What are the back-breaking, labor intentsive, mandatory overtime, herculean tasks Erickson must face everyday? Blogger, CNN contributor and Radio Host. That's all whole lotta sitting on his expansive deriair "working"!

However, in light of the Right's new found vocal support for the Police, in an attempt to set them against the 99%, it should be noted just a scant two years ago, while on the Macon Georgia city council, Erickson wrote this: I'm thinking I’ll have the City Attorney draft me legislation to dissolve the police department. Why? Because 130 officers expressed interest in forming a Union. Erickson is just another "goat-fucking" defender of the Rich and Powerful and a typical rightwing asshole who lauds the police when they need them for rousting out hippies, but then cuts off their pensions and dental insurance when times aren't dangerous.
Republican Outirght Calls for Violence against OccupyRevolution:
Republican Steve Frank, Covington, Kentucky City Commissioner declared, "Turn Out the Lights on the Occupiers, I feel like going Taliban on them!!!" When asked for clarification Franks said, "I am resisting the Occupiers and very proud to be a 1%’er."
Punch-A-Hippie still en vogue:
The hippie horde attempting to mob and "occupy" Wall Street this week has a method to its madness. It's all about getting President Obama re-elected by employing classic Alinskyite tactics. Conservatives still can't get it through their heads It is not about Obama, other than to take him to task for aiding and abetting the Wall Street Criminals.
Conservative with a creepy stalkerish fixation on Michelle Obama.
Besides the totally not racist, keen political insight on Michelle Obama this Rightwing fanatic shows the level of vitriolic hatred and blame the poor for their plight mentality which has overwhelmed the Right. In "his" stunningly childish OWS People are like Wal-Mart People only not as smart (?) he took on the arduous task of making mean unfunny comments about members of the 99%. Conservative Michelle Obama Stalker makes fun of those 99% who have huge student loans, theorizing one majored in "Government Efficiency Studies". Now while Conservative Stalker stays away from those who've been burdened by outrageous healthcare costs and having their insurance cancelled, because conservatives would never chant "Let Him Die" or anything, what this Plutocratic Guard Dog ignores is that while Hedge Fund Gamblers will have their billion dollar bets paid back if they bet wrong, Student Loans are next too impossible to get out from under.
Oathkeepers or Oathbreakers:
Every member of the OccupyRevolution should note the so-called Oathkeepers have taken it upon themselves to Occupy the Occupation and are defending Wall Street's Corporate Theft and Malfeasance and denouncing the "rioters".

Please recall the Oathkeepers were made up of Veterans, Active Duty and Law Enforcement Officials who would "never just follow orders"! But, NOW, contrary to their ballyhooed Oath, they support violent mass arrests of Americans. Seems their "claim" to defend Americans from illegal Power grabs, detentions and arrests only extended so far as they could blame the black guy in the White House.

But these people are just the footsoliders fighting for the extra ration of mealy bread and tin of milk, the true enemy are the horrific Rich Bastards, who have no trouble turning schools into toxic waste dumps.

Georgia-Pacific Crosset Operations, a Koch Brothers owned plant, has dumped millions of gallons of waste water containing tons of toxic and cancer causing materials. The residents of Penn Road in Crossett, Arkansas are dead or dying of cancer. But, being a Koch Brother means Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or 3 jobs full Erick Erickson will be at the ready to defend and succor you!

We are the 99%!

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