Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Is it the man come to take me away?
Why do they follow me?
It's not the future that I can see,
It's just my fantasy
~ Who Can It Be Now? Men At Work

Keith Olbermann's special comments and Gore Vidals' constant ridicule of the Insane Man of DC are fantastic. Vidal, of course, thinks the Republic is finished and I agree with him. But, it's great to hear Keith shout Shut! The Hell! Up! to Bush.

But, unfortunately there's an underlying problem. While emotionally unstable bloggers, rabid Warmongers and Freeper supporters of Bush will attack Keith, those high level persons controlling the Apparatus of Government don't really care.

Why? Because the Federal Government controls you utterly.

In Jan 2007 the former AG Alberto Gonzales stated the Constitution doesn't guarantee Habeus Corpus.

The Government dictates where and when you can march**, and what you can say at the March. And if your protest becomes a little too boisterous for the Rulers, they can always deploy the HMMWV mounted ADS Microwave Ray Gun to exert control.

The ADS Microwave Ray Gun as shown on the CBS 60 Minutes story was demonstrated on persons carrying Peace Signs. The story doesn't tell me it's going to be used in Iraq for dispersing snipers but in the US for Crowd Control.

And it doesn't matter what you or a Keith Olbermann say because the Government continues to get it's steady flow of money from the people. Taxes (or Protection Money), taken from you under threat of force keep the Empire solvent. As long as the government gets it's blood money it can do as it pleases. But, money represents only one of the pillars holding up the edifice of control. The other pillar is manpower.

The Government does nothing to stem the rising fuel prices, offers trifling aid to the poor or those who've suffered natural disasters, works to subvert help for those facing home foreclosures, treats drug users as criminals instead of sick persons, constantly imports the foreign poor to undercut the poor citizens of this nation, and has produced and nourished an education system which inculcates fervent Nationalism and a lack of critical thinking. What this accomplishes is a pool of Manpower ready to be exploited by the controllers of the Imperial Empire.

And even when a group rises up and gains some influence they are quickly co-opted and assimilated into the system. Becoming merely another special interest group attempting to gain control over the apparatus of Government and utilize it's awesome power. In reality as Gore Vidal correctly observes we have One Party in America the Party of Property.

And some of the saddest evidence involves those who have allowed themselves to believe Bush and His Merry Band of Miscreants represent or care about the interests of the American people, for example this post at Think Progress Watch is particularly depressing:
It’s obvious, Think Progress wants the US to lose and for troops to die. They have expressed support in the past for Iranian interests, the Mahdi Army and Al-Qaeda in Iraq. I’m calling them out on this. They support our enemies and their silence over our recent success speaks volumes.

This is a standard refrain. Peppered with the false dichotomies of "US" and "Them" which indoctrinated Americans have accepted because it's easier than thinking. They are Evil, We are Good. America is our Country... And they Love and Worship the Nation-State. And that Worship can be used to get Americans to do almost anything...

**- I was at the Chicago October 27 March and saw the Government's answer to peaceable assembly. Row after Row of state Troopers, equipped in Riot Gear with 3 Foot Long Riot Sticks prominently displayed along the route.

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