Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Use of Force (also Lara Logan)

I'm going to expand on the decision to Use Deadly Force. In Illinois, (Chicago is in Illinois!) a Peace Officer's Use of Force is based on the defense of life and can not be justified by Information gained subsequent to the incident. What you knew prior to implementing force is what proof you had. Let's apply that to Iraq.

Bush and his Chicken Hawk Warmongers spent 18 months lying to the American People (day in and day out) to convince them Saddam=Al Qaeda=911 and raising the Imminent Attack Mushroom Cloud Scenario because as they now admit the Invasion of Iraq was about Oil and the Petrol dollar. The majority of Americans would not have backed an invasion without the self defense rational. President Mumbles McSlurswords did such a good job lying us into war you can find Americans still convinced Saddam was giving WMDs to Al Qaeda.

Bush's lies about the rationals for war taint the entire effort. Everything the callous Keep Americans in Iraq Crowd uses to justify the continued Iraq War is really meaningless, except as Lara Logan points out it convinces the soldiers they are forgotten.

But, then Iraq is a money maker,546 million to DynCorp for Iraq Police Training.

This is why Bush has to be Impeached. As was pointed out in the comment section on an earlier post Police Officers should have oversight. Impeachment is oversight of the President. There are documented abuses, possible war crimes and accusations of more. Of course, by pointing this out Bush can rightly accuse me of Slandering America since Bush=America and declare me an Enemy Combatant.

It appears the Warmongers (FreeRepublic) are only too happy to smear Lara Logan for her critical reporting on Iraq.

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