Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lobbyist of the People, the People being one Dennis Hastert

I wonder how Dennis Hastert's first week as a lobbyist for Dickstein Shapiro went?

Hastert, the infamous former Speaker of the House, who shielded Republican Pedophile Mark Foley, made millions when the federally funded Prairie Parkway 'happened' to pass through his real estate holdings near Plano, Illinois and was caught abandoning his Hydrogen powered photo op car for a 6MPG fully armored Chevy Suburbuan, is the latest to pass through the revolving door of Congress/Corporate Lobbyist...

Who could have known politicians use their positions and influence to enrich themselves?
But here again when children inherited this position of authority from their fathers, having no experience of misfortune and none at all of civil equality and liberty of speech, and having been brought up from the cradle amid the evidences of the power and high position of their fathers, they abandoned themselves some to greed of gain and unscrupulous money-making, others to indulgence in wine and the convivial excess which accompanies it, and others again to the violation of women and the rape of boys

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ran said...

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a guy that takes bribes, er, campaign donations from the Turkish government in return for political favors would become a lobbyist.

On another note, I'm guessing this is the first blog post anywhere to have "Polybius" for a label.