Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cowardice and Using the Military are in the DNA of Republicans

Rally round tha family! With a pocket full of shells

Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal
~ Bulls on Parade, RAtM

In pre-historical times, warfare was limited by the lack of logistics, weaponry, transportation, lack of ideological motivations. Warfare mainly consisted of tribal fights or raids on supplies or women.

During the battles, some men held back during the fighting knowing that if they contributed less than the more ferocious fighters they would have less chance of being injured or killed and consequently would have access to the spoils of war afterwards, i.e. food and women. Which would mean the cowardly types would have a better chance of passing along their cowardly genes to the next generation.

In some cases you can easily observe the out and out cowardice of Republicans, for instance Dick Cheney and his five deferments or Rush Limbaugh and his ass cyst, not serving a day in the military. Or peruse the list of these noted Chicken Hawks here.

However, often the cowards are craftier. Sometimes they'll serve but they will ensure they are thousands of miles away from combat or safely ensconced in a unit which has no fear of deploying to a forward area like the buffoonish liar occupying the white house.

And that partially explains Tipsy Canoe. Prescott Bush served honorably in World War I but of course he had to lie and claim to be highly decorated in battle. Now unfortunately, the honorable genes of Prescott didn't make it to his grandson but the genes for working with dictatorships and making money off of the Banking/Military Industrial Complex are replete in the DNA of The Commander Guy.

So in order to cover their cowardly demeanors and Republicans have always glommed onto and used the military for their purposes by "claiming" to honor and support service men and veterans, while exploiting the natural affinity the American people have to support their armed forces.

Of course, Bush and the other Chicken Hawk Warmongers know nothing of the problems, dangers, evils, hardships faced by those who have served in combat zone. Nor do they care. Suicides, PTSD, skyrocketing Divorce rates, lack of proper health care, multiple tours of duty, home foreclosures are no big deal it's not them or their families suffering these things. To The Schizophrenic Decider veterans and soldiers are props to make him look good and cheer his unintelligble speeches.

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