Monday, May 19, 2008

Cindy McCain is Better than You.

Quit fucking questioning your betters!

If Cindy wishes to invest in Sudan, so be it! If she deems she will sell those Sudanese investments for more money than you shall ever earn in your working lifetime. That is her right, per her position as a better than you!

If Cindy wishes to keep her tax returns out of the public light so poor ignorant Americans vote for McCain thinking his interests are in line with theirs. Well... that's not exactly lying. After all, as the Right points out it's completely a Privacy issue. And Right Wingers would never mount a partisan attack on the spouse of a political enemy!

"Let the masses Drink Beer", they need not worry themselves with the finances of their rulers, err... representatives.

At least we can rest easy knowing the equivocating Patriots at Free Republic will defend Cindy McCain's millions and war profiteering investments, while lambasting Teresa Heinz-Kerry at the same time. Pure Genius!

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ran said...

Hey, it's not as bad as picking a lobbyist that worked for the Burmese Generals as your convention chair...oh wait, that was her husband that did that.

I'm waiting for a Zimbabwe connection to come up so McCain has a trifecta of evil alliances.

Anyway, out of curiosity, I checked if Obama had the same Sudanese issue. Seems he sold off his Sudanese mutual fund last year once he discovered the connection.