Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hey Devil Dog. STFU! USMC stands for...

Signed the

Those who use the "Oh well they volunteered for the duty" have to be the some of the most callous people living. It's usually used by chickenhawk cowards when those actually in the service bring up legitimate gripes or concerns. Because an American signs up for service in the military he does not abrogate his rights as a US citizen. He is not an indentured servant. He can not be ordered to commit an illegal act. He can not be used as a human test subject for experimental procedures. He can be not be treated as a piece of equipment to be ridden as hard as possible until he breaks.

But, that is exactly what is happening. The Bush Regime and it's enablers treat soldiers as disposable cogs in the Machinery of War.

For example: Can anyone in America really be proud Master Chicken Hawk Cheney is the Vice President? Even those who whole-heartily support the Iraq Occupation? I mean really.

When asked about the burden that's been placed only on the shoulders of the soldiers and the fact more than two-thirds of Americans want us out of Iraq, he's flippant, smug and arrogant.

"For example, 9/11 stimulated a lot of folks to volunteer for the military because they wanted to be involved in defending the country." Cheney stated to Martha Raddatz, and he added apparently without irony, "The president carries the biggest burden, obviously."

First off Susan Jacoby does an excellent job of dissecting the use of the word "folks", The specific political use of folks as an exclusionary and inclusionary signal, designed to make the speaker sound like one of the boys or girls, is symptomatic of a debasement of public speech inseparable from a more general erosion of American cultural standards.(pg. 4, Jacoby, Susan The Age of American Unreason., New York. Pantheon Books, 2008.)

But, moving on Hey, Dick, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does 9/11 have to do with Iraq? What "burden" does the Commander Guy carry? Unless Cheney is going to start referencing blogs like Hot Air, with the post Saddam supported at least two Al-Qaeda groups, no matter what comes to light about the false reasons Bush led the US into the Iraq war, there will be those who will fight to claim the reasons were true.

Eventually, we as a society are going to have to move to a position where the people are not allowed to sign away their freedoms because no matter the safeguards, constitutional guarantees, those in authority are going to either modify them or ignore them completely and use the military to fulfill their nefarious purposes.


LT Nixon said...

Bush was definitely sharing the burden when he was at the White House Easter Egg hunt on Sunday pissing away taxpayer dollars.

Milo Freeman said...

"You signed up." "You volunteered." Good lord, if I had a dollar for every fucking time I had heard this. And it was never from people who didn't support the war, only the ones who did.

After I ETS, I'm getting whatever tattoos I can in order to piss off higher, should they call me back.