Thursday, March 13, 2008

Positive Battlefield News

“How could Democrats possibly hand McCain a better issue than to let him run on his record of advocating a robust U.S. presence in Iraq with all the positive battlefield news that is filtering out of that country?” asked Michael O’Hanlon.
From the Politico article, Support for war effort highest since 2006 by David Paul Kuhn.

O'Hanlon is, of course, one of the chief Chicken Hawks, who has been touting how well the Occupation has been going since the War began.

From a 09/28/2003 interview with NPR: "I think the counterinsurgency effort is going fairly well." Hey Mister O'Hanlon why don't you tell the families of the 3667 US killed, since your interview, how well the effort is going?

Glenn Greenwald has two excellent articles (here and here) collecting many of the Happy Happy Joy Joy We are Winning comments from O'Hanlon.

O'Hanlon has supported the War, the Occupation, The Surge and continuing the Surge all throughout.

3 US soldiers killed in a rocket attack? O'Hanlon would say: It's okay because the counterinsurgency effort is going well overall...

A 10 year old girl killed by US soldiers because of the Fog of War? Oh well, shrugs O'Hanlon, at least the counterinsurgency effort is going well overall...

And unfortunately, since the War is so removed from the eyes of America, we can allow ourselves to be coaxed into believing violence is down and the War in Iraq is going well overall...

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