Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Year Down. Another Year To Go!

Views on the Continuing Occupation.

Five Years of Iraq Lies by Juan Cole.
Each year of George W. Bush's war in Iraq has been represented by a thematic falsehood.

The Sixth Year: The tragic, futile war in Iraq grinds on - A Salt Lake Tribune Editorial.
Saying that the war was "necessary," as the president did the other day, or that "our objective here is victory and we need to be prepared to do whatever it takes in order to achieve that," as the vice president said, doesn't change this basic fact: The Iraq war is an open-ended cycle of bloodletting with no positive end in sight.

War advocates like Anne-Marie Slaughter demand that you forget the past by Glenn Greenwald points out the current Warmonger petulant temper tantrums.
And that's the point. This plea that we all just forget about the unpleasant past -- stop trying to figure out who was responsible for the Iraq War -- has become the principal self-defense weapon of the pro-war political establishment.

Joseph Galloway points out the unfortunate truth, Iraq surge has failed in its main purpose.
The surge was intended as a short-term escalation of troop strength to buy a bubble of better security so the Iraqi government and parliament could make progress toward reconciliation among its own warring, revenge-minded communities.

The brave, smart, and attractive Karen Kwiakowski skewers the Imperialist Warmongers in her piece The Art(ifice) of War:
This motion picture, this designer occupation, this expensive excursion into the lives of others, is what the war-supporting chattering class debates. Iraq is an artificial war, expending other people’s lives, other countries’ livelihoods, other mother’s children, and blood that doesn’t seem quite real to those in the velveteen theater.

The talented and ebullient Rachel Maddow concluded her scathing dissection of Dick Cheney's SO? with "I know you think it's been well worth the effort, mister vice president. But why on earth should we?"

And finally, Leading To War: How did the U.S. government lead its people to war?

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