Sunday, December 3, 2023

Shall Not Be Infringed 12: Unelected hooligan Amy Conney Barrett set to break Gun Laws in Illinois

The Supreme Sinister Six*
 The crime spree coming from the Supreme Sinister Six makes any comic book villain look stupid, petty, tame, or small.  The Six Republicans on the Court not only get away with mundane crimes like theft and bribery but, are busily pulling off the most villainous conspiracy ever shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe;  the Destruction of the United States of America.

In this episode, Amy "Covid or Coathanger" Barrett, is set to strike another blow against Law&Order in Illinois.  A Colorado Law Firm filed an injunction on behalf of Naperville resident Robert Bevis and his gun store Law Weapons & Supply to Coathanger Barrett asking, whether under the SCOTUS decrees of DC v. Heler (2008) and NY State Pistol v. Bruen (2022), the Seventh District ruling on the Illinois Law was correct.  Always remember that what gun humping psychos rely upon is conflating man-made laws with the concept of "Natural Rights".  The MAGIC WORDS contained in the 2nd Amendment are a distillation of this, in that gun nuts and conservatives, claim certain laws are divinely inspired and thus not to be constrained by human laws.  This is of course, SHEER NONSENSE.  There are no "Natural Rights", there are no laws inspired by god or some Platonic ideal, the law is a human construct and nothing else.

So when you often hear disingenuous conservative gun nuts claim, Just Enforce the Gun Laws on the Books what they want is to derail discussions on curbing the unrestricted gun violence.  Then they rely on the Supreme Court decisions which have undercut gun laws passed in various states.  It's a brilliant if bad faith Catch-22 but, it serves the purpose of the Firearms Manufacturing Industry (and all those who derive $$$ from the free flow of guns throughout America) of one day eliminating all the laws on the books so that Guns truly Shall Not Be Infringed.  

Additionally, striking Gun Laws in Democratic states allows Republicans to claim gun violence is out of control in Democratic states.  And since conservatives are wholly ignorant of the laws of Cause-and-Effect, Republican traitors get to wave the bloody shirt of Out-of-Control Crime and ooga-booga scare their white voting base into electing more Republican Traitors.  Another brilliant Catch-22.

It must always be understood, conservatives cling to their guns because they fantasize about the day they will be able to round-up and shoot millions of Americans in a holocaust homage to their Nazi heroes.

The Sinister Six don't worry about gun violence because they are swaddled in so many layers of protection and have no fear about a mass shooter getting anywhere near them and they obviously don't grok the concept of domestic violence or worry about their husbands grabbing a gun to shoot their so-called loved ones.

*- The Supreme Sinister Six Rollcall 

        1. Dr. Scotus Scuttle-Rights
        2. Sam Alackto (of morals)
        3. The Mysterious ACB
        4. Sleepy Sand Silent Clarence
        5. Boofer Kravenaugh the Drunkard
        6. Gorsuch Bird Man

Unfortunately, we don't have a Spiderman to sock these 6 villains in the jaw and undo their nefarious scheme of destroying the United States of America, which is the goal of the Republican Party. 

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