Saturday, December 9, 2023

Republicans hate America 14: The Hunter Biden fiasco was always a Fraud

I wrote in April this year that the unbelievable pressure Republicans and their complaiant media dogs are putting on Hunter Biden is with one goal in mind;  To Kill Him.  It appears Hunter Biden agrees with my conclusion;

He also described being doxed – having his personal information and address published – by the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post, which led to Trump supporters wearing Maga hats shouting through bullhorns outside his house while his wife was eight months pregnant.

“They published a description of where you could stand to see through the floor-to-ceiling windows,” Biden said, which he said drove him and his wife to move into hiding in the middle of the night. He said Maga supporters later brought a “30ft digital billboard on a flatbed truck” and parked it in front of his house.

Describing how Roger Stone, working for Richard Nixon, successfully discredited the wife of the Democratic primary candidate Edmund Muskie – “they labelled her a drunkard” – in order to help Nixon win a comfortable victory in the 1972 presidential election, Biden said, “The times have changed but the players have not,” noting that Stone was a key adviser to Donald Trump.

“They decided that the one way in which they would be able to certainly just undermine my dad’s confidence and ability to continue to campaign and move forward – particularly after the death of my brother – [was] to think that he could lose his son that he just had regained from an almost-death, through addiction,” he said.“And so they just began to attack, and attack, and attack. And you know, addiction provides for a lot of openings for people.”

Biden said he believes the attempts to discredit him are in the hopes that he will relapse.

Republican policy consists solely of Trolling

That last line absolutely describes the campaign by Republican scumbags, villains, and criminals who've decided since they can't govern, they will turn the US government into a vehicle of destruction and the weaponization of the Department of Justice is what they will devote all their energies towards.  Republicans have always obscured their plans and feelings by accusing the Democrats of those actions Republicans are themselves engaged in.  This is also known as EAIAC.

Republicans can not govern, have no interest in policy, have no political agenda, hate the American people, and seek to fundamentally destroy the United States.

Now you might think Hunter Biden is a loser or a scummy opportunist.  I however do not.  Hunter Biden checks multiple traumatic events under the ACEs and has fallen victim to the fastest growing disease which also garners the least sympathy in America; Addiction.  No private citizen has ever faced such a coordinated campaign off lies, innuendoes, attacks in Congressional hearings, and outright interference in the justice system.  Trump and the MAGA scum were so angry over the plea deal Hunter and his attorney agreed to that they bullied and threatened the Judge and special counsel David Weiss (a Trump appointee) into issuing a new indictment over tax irregularities.  If his name wasn't Hunter Biden, there'd never be this level of scrutiny over unpaid taxes, recall how Trump claimed not paying his taxes made him smart and how the MAGA Horde sagely nodded yes, of course and furiously applauded him.

It's aboot Ethics in Laptop Journalism!
As for the Rudy Ghouliani crafted "Laptop from Hell" there never was a legal chain-of-custody which would survive the simplest evidentiary scrutiny or open court testimony and that's why every rightwing troglodyte from Rudy himself to Glenn Greenwald relied upon their histrionic Faux News appearances to hype it. I'm confident that whatever operative was tasked with hacking Hunter's iCloud account, downloaded the cloud contents, images, and emails and then added those grotesque images purporting to be child porn as well as "incriminating emails" and other electronic documents.

And in reality, Republicans know they have no real evidence of anything.  Republicans rely on their ignorance of their drones, the contrived gullibility of the Corporate Media, the coordinated talking points of rightwing liars, and the aloof indifference of young people to advance their lies and conspiracies.

So, when Hunter Biden and his attorney Abbe Lowell said okay, Hunter will testify in public before the Republican tribunal because, 

We have seen you use closed- door sessions to manipulate, even distort the facts and misinform the public. We therefore propose opening the door.

every Republican and rightwing propagandist suddenly discovered they'd rather he'd not.  

For instance, Michele Tafoya, who suffered a CTE injury by proxy while covering the NFL for ESPN,  called for secret tribunals sometimes referred to as "Star Chambers" because an open hearing would allow Hunter Biden to present his side;

Yeah, that would be interesting. But I agree that — I prefer hearings to be done behind closed doors because I think that they actually get to the heart of the matter and they get some truth and they can ask questions without preening for the camera, without all the grandstanding. That is my preference.   
And for Abbe Lowell, his attorney, to say, well, you all use that to misinform and to distort the facts.  We want the closed-door one first. And I think that’s totally, totally appropriate. Hunter Biden would love nothing more than to sit, have cameras pointed at him and try to generate the narrative that he wants to form.

"We" want a closed-door one first because it's "totally appropriate" that "We" get too claim all sorts of bullshit was uncovered about the Biden Crime Family but oh sorry we can't share that totally real and absolutely true information because it was behind closed doors sorry.

 The Republican Party really has nothing to offer the American people, but hatred, fear, and bile.  Republicans hate the Untied States and don't want to let We, the People live our lives outside their bigoted control.  As for Hunter Biden, I wish him luck and strength he's the Tip of Spear fighting these evil Republican Bastards;

“One of the reasons why I’m gonna survive this – and I’m gonna survive it clean and sober – is because I am not gonna let these motherfuckers use me as just another example of why people in recovery are never gonna be OK, never to be trusted, they’re all degenerates – I’m just not gonna let that happen.”

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