Thursday, July 13, 2017

Impeachment! Dana Loesch and the conservative longing for Civil War 2.0

Impeachment is now out in the open.  The 5 worst Presidents in American history have all been conservatives; Jefferson Davis, George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronnie Raygun, and now Arch-Traitor Donald Trump.

Things are about to get dicey.  As the further evidence of right-wing betrayal of the Nation mounts, conservatives will grow irritable and begin to threaten death more openly.  Southern Conservative traitors murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans in the first Civil War and modern conservatives want to best that record, in Civil War 2.0.

NRA hired right-wing domestic terrorist Dana Loesch narrated the call for violence in the NRA's audition video to be the American Freikorps.  You can palpably feel Dana's hatred pulsing forth during her speech, the anger swelling in her, as her gnashing diatribe reaches its crescendo and she calls for The Clenched Fist to be dropped upon protesters, #blm, liberals, feminists and those enemies of conservatives, the American People.

Of course, Arch-Traitor Trump has numerous right-wing domestic terrorist organizations to choose from; the Oathbreakers, III Inchers, and Unconstitutional Sheriff's of America and if need be he can turn to his "Education" Secretary Betsy DeVos' brother Erik Prince and employ Blackwater inside the CONUS.  This would just be a further payback for Prince establishing another back channel for Traitor Trump to contact his master Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles.

A large number of people are already being hurt under the Trump Regime.  I used to believe Trump would make an off-handed tweet to the effect of won't someone rid me of these troublesome liberals but, with the incredible revelations of Trump's brazen betrayal of the Nation; the unbelievable number of meetings with Russian spies and employing active agents of the Russian Government in high level U.S. cabinet offices it's now much more likely the subversive Traitor Trump and his racist DOJ under Jeff Sessions will specifically instruct paramilitary operatives to begin rounding up and slaughtering Americans.

For a long time conservatives have been yearning to unleash their anger upon those whom they hate the most, the American People, and go on an orgy of murderous violence and bloodshed.  Right-Wing "humor" of no-limit liberal hunting permits and General Pinochet's Free Helicopter Rides undergird their ardent desire to murder a portion of America they deem undeserving of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Conservatives have long-tired of dogwhistles, winks and nods.  They want and need a Casus Beli, real or imagined, to cloak themselves in the mantle of righteousness, so that they can #MAGA.

The Impeachment, trial, and removal of Donald Trump will be that Casus Beli.

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