Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Conservatives don't care about Russia because they willingly serve a KGB Colonel

Conservative means to serve and American conservatives serve a KGB Colonel. Republicans aren't worried about the Arch-Traitor Trump because Republicans hate the American People. Trump's Treason doesn't matter to the Right-Wingers because right-wingers always knew about the Russia collusion and interference in the 2016 elections.

Arch-Traitor Donald Trump was guaranteed to pass the evil legislation Republicans crafted so, why would they waste time investigating someone whom a) they agree with, b) committed treason with, and c) gave them the opportunity to eliminate the Social Safety Net and crush the American people under the yoke of corporate bondage and generational penury.

Paul Ryan and the Республиканская партия have been dreaming of the day they could take away the modest governmental aid which goes to the sick, the old, the lame, and the poor.  Steve King floated the Republican plan to cosign millions of Americans to an early death as they funnel women's healthcare funding and take food from the mouths of hungry children to pay for the Wall along the Mexican border.

The Banana Republicans hate the 20th Century, hate the American Dream being opened up to undeserving people, and hate that the poor don't work until they die.  The Respublikanskaya Partiya have been working to limit voting rights, purge voting records, rig election machines, engage in byzantine court-room legerdemain, and now openly allying with a Foreign Power to undermine and ensure vicious people are placed into the 3 Branches of Government to transform the Nation into a giant Republican Death Camp.

But, never forget Conservatives don't care about any of this.  Conservatives will gleefully let Trump and the Republicans slit their throats because they know Trump and the Republicans will slit the throats of the undeserving (blacks, hispanics, feminists, liberals, immigrants) first and as long as Conservatives get to watch other suffer they will willing aid the Republican Butchers in their tasks.


Professor Chaos said...

Republicans wouldn't care if Il Douche signed a pact with Satan as long as they get their tax cuts and get to put right wing monsters on to Supreme Court.

Grung_e_Gene said...

You know you are the Professor and far be it from me to disagree with a person of your learnin'! Of course, that's probably
why conservatives hate college now
, since college professors don't swaddle them and reinforce their babyish temper tantrums.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans serve the god on money.