Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Amendment Heroes are literally Running Amuck in America

It's time to recognize an uncomfortable truth, The United States of America is a Failed Nation-State.

A Governmental System crafted by Aristocratic Enlightenment Age Plantation Masters is failing to survive the assaults of the 21st Century or bind together 300 million people.

The chief problem facing the Nation are the murderous rampages, which while fueled by any number of disparate grievances or underlying causes, are easily carried out by the abundance of and easy access to the tools of mass murder; Guns.

The fanaticism of the small cadre of the NRA (and affliated Gun Groups), Firearm Manufacturers, gun humping lunatics and political hatchet-men has left Americans to be slaughtered at the whim of 2nd Amendment Heroes who are literally Running Amuck.

Running Amuck (also known as Amok or Amuco), 'a murderous frenzy or rage' entered the english lexicon when European sailors made it to Malay and Java.

As with today's mass killers, there where many theories why a Malay would Run Amok, some believed an evil spirit, a hantu belian, had taken over the individual. Anthropologists and others speculated the Amuco was an attempted suicide in a society in which it was unacceptable. This is colloquially known today as suicide by cop. Additionally, a social theory was advanced that in Malay society unattached young males were frequently denied access to women because older males had several "wives", thus causing the young males to go Amuco.

However, when someone in Java or Malaysia went Amuco centuries past, there was only so much murder and mayhem they could accomplish with a war club and keris before being overpowered and killed themselves.

Unfortunately, unlike the Amuco in SE Asia, here in the US we have Elliot Rodger (of Malaysian descent) in Isla Vista, California and the 6 people (3 stabbed to death and 3 shot) he killed along with the 13 injured by gunfire or being struck by his car.

But, while the spectacular gun massacre still makes news the daily death toll from firearms is barely noticed across the Nation. On Memorial Day, in Huntley, Illinois two middle-aged brothers became involved in a domestic dispute which ended with gunfire killing one, wounding the other along with the brothers' 81 year old mother.

Also over the Memorial Day weekend, in Myrtle Beach shootings took the lives of three people and wounded five more.

Last month in Montana, a homeowner murderer fired blindly into his darkened garage killing a 17 year old German exchange student.

Whole city blocks of cities are turned into nightly no-go areas where multiple innocent people are shot.

Political candidates invoke the spectre of "Second Amendment Remedies" or produce campaign commercials wherein they kill something with their gun. While other Politicians afraid of the powerful, blood-soaked Gun Lobby cower in fear and do little.

Meanwhile, roving bands of armed men descend upon establishments to engage in a thinly veiled primate genital display. (Note: If you see a bunch of men walking around with rifles the safest reaction is to believe a Mass Killing is imminent and escape.)

Second Amendment Maniacs claim the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Even if I were to concede that point, which I DO NOT, then the blood-soaked Second Amendment Maniacs tacitly concede that the United States is not a Civilized Nation nor even a functioning one. NRA scare tactics, conferences and videos also buttress this point.

Yet, after every mass murder, the firearm fanatics not only fail to pause to reconsider their beliefs they only serve to further entrench them in the thoughtless zealotry. And thus the cycle drags Us deeper and deeper downwards.

All of this points to one conclusion; We are on a downward trajectory towards a failed Nation-State. 

These are not the conditions of a thriving Culture or Country. It is the Necrosis of a Society crumbling under contradictions and internal pressure; Pressure which is on the trigger of a Gun, which can now be pointed at anyone, anytime. 

The Constitution is Not a Suicide Pact. We need not allow the whims and insanities of gun clinging madmen define America. We need not let the Second Amendment Sociopaths Collapse this Nation.


Jerry Critter said...

It is time to rewrite the 2nd Amendment.

ChickenHammer said...

The chief problem facing the Nation are the murderous rampages, which while fueled by any number of disparate grievances or underlying causes, are easily carried out by the abundance of and easy access to the tools of mass murder; Guns.

You're so right Gene. So lets take a look at all the 2nd Amendent heros you repeatedly embrace. But don't worry about us getting you mixed up with these sworn officers. We all know you're just a wanna-be standing off to the sidelines cheering on the murderous sworn officers you so admire.

Police Mistakenly Shoot Unarmed Man Who Was Fleeing From Armed Attacker

Dallas police reopen investigation into 2010 shooting of unarmed man

Dallas police shot unarmed man holding hands in the air, witness says

Police shoot, kill unarmed man on California beach as he runs away from officers

Arizona Cops shoot and kill unarmed man with his hands in the air

Police Shooting Frenzy Raises Concerns

New grand jury indicts Charlotte police officer who shot unarmed man

Kill Unarmed Man First, Ask Questions Later

Police don’t feel like cuffing unarmed man, shoot him dead instead

Arizona Cops Shoot in the back and Kill Unarmed Man Whose Hands Were in the Air

Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed College Student After Sarcastic Remark

ChickenHammer said...

Wow Gene! You really wasted no time sending your scathing email. All the stories are true and reposting them, despite what you say, does not make them any less true. You're right that you can delete my post but no, you cannot make the story go away, because it is true and it has been reported by more than one source. Go ahead and delete my post, like you've done so many times in the past, it still does not change the truth that you desperately seek to hide.

Most dirty shootings are perpitrated by police officers. I still don't know why you put up such an innocent front as we've already established you are not a police officer.

Now step off and let it go. The truth is the truth despite the lies you try to sell to the rest of your internet fan boi's.

Grung_e_Gene said...


I'd like for you to seek professional medical assistance. I haven't deleted anything you posted.

Your rantings about me sending you emails and deleting your posts are the screams of a paranoid schizophrenic.

Please seek help because despite what the voices in your head tell you I'm not coming to get you.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry critter,

The Problem is even using the Constitutional Framework to modify or delete the 2A will be considered by the Gun Maniacs as tantamount to a declaration of war.

And as they've already shown they intend to murder LEOs and government employees to defend the Rights of a Welfare Rancher to illegally use federal land and not pay taxes.

So, I know the Firearm Fuckers are just itching to have a legitimate Casus Beli on which declare their Revolution.

Jerry Critter said...

The police killing people is a whole different subject. If you want to talk about it, why not write your own post? Don't hijack someone else's writings.

Jerry Critter said...

Well, Gene, it all comes back to getting money out of politics, which is another impossibility since the very people who can pass the legislation are the ones currently reaping the benefits of the private and corporate money trough.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Jerry critter,

I would normally consul you to ignore Chickenhammer, but I believe there's a chance he's going to go on a spree killing. He's left comments before about the two hours a night he spends dry-firing his piece in preparation...

But, yes Guns and their yearly toll of 30,000+ Americans dead and a hundred of thousands wounded is a public health menace at which my Generation and the Baby Boomers have failed. Hopefully the Millennials will have the courage and fortitude to take on and correct all the damage done by the Plutocracy and the small cadre of firearm fondling fanatics have done to this Nation.

Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps when he talks about "dry-firing his piece", he is not talking about a gun.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Samuel Not Joe the Not Plumber Wurzelbacher,

"As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights."

The Second Amendment is not the Point of the Constitution...

Firearms, their fanatic fondlers and the blood-soaked Gun Lobby shall destroy the United States.

Syrbal/Labrys said...

I get so sick of ammonsexuals claiming that they must must MUST have guns to defend themselves against the police or the government. I gotta say...I've seen what the government can bring in metal "rain" and there is no way any citizen can stand against it. Whole COUNTRIES don't stand against it.

So yeah, anyone making THAT argument is either stupid and/or crazy. As for the cops shooting folks? Just let me be the first to point out as possibly the oldest person in this room that such things were once uncommon. Now? Now with post-9-11 militarized cops told to FEAR their own fellow citizens BECAUSE guns are SO common and often semi-or fully automatic? THAT is WHY the police start shooting SO easily; the cure is NOT more armed populace.

Patricia said...

Your take on this is absolutely spot on. With details I hadn't even considered. But what gets to me the most is the people who have lost sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and their is no sympathy or outrage for their loss. The human carnage is an outrage. We live in a country where people still imagine we need firearms to protect ourselves and be a well armed militia and it's ok that people die every day at the hands of some random assclown who decides, that its ok to go to the Wild West and shoot whoever displeases them. Where is the sorrow or empathy for the people who are burying their children? We are living with archaic 19th century (if that) laws that make this country a shooting gallery.

Grung_e_Gene said...


"Ammosexuals" I've seen that popping up. I'm sure it's grating for the firearm fondlers as for the ahem "argument" that more guns means a safer society the # of guns in the Us has increased by 80-100 million over the last 20 years yet the number of gun deaths has stayed the same while gun shot injuries have increased.


Indeed while there's no sympathy from gun humping maniacs towards those who have lost loved ones, as we've seen from Joe the Not Plumber Wurzelbacher, they actually have disdain and anger towards those suffering.

The blood-soaked NRA and their fanatics are sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Eliminating the second amendment won't stop the carnage, or make guns disappear. It will only start another underground business adding more gun shot deaths. Stricter laws will help, if we assume most Americans are law abiding.

Grung_e_Gene said...

No way to prevent this says only Nation where this regularly happens.

Of course, with the amount of weapons the firearm manufacturers, the NRA and their political guardians have flooded this Nation with it will difficult, but, that's a price we Real Americans will have to pay because the price the gun humping fanatics are making us pay now is far, far too high.

ChickenHammer said...

I would normally consul you to ignore Chickenhammer[sic], but I believe there's a chance he's going to go on a spree killing. He's left comments before about the two hours a night he spends dry-firing his piece in preparation... Two hours a night... LOL! Keep on making shit up or better yet show me where I ever said such a thing. Man up for God's sake; we both know nothing even close to that was ever said.

You're pathetic Gene. You can't refute anything I've said so you've relegated yourself to refuting quotes you've made up and falsely attributed to me. You have ZERO credibility and ZERO integrity.

The blog posts you give us are equally full of lies and without credible documentation. You're an angry middle age Beta male who's angry with the world for not seeing you as the great Alpha man you imagine yourself to be.

Who's your hero Gene? Me? Nah... You're much more like Emperor Napoleon I.

Tata buddy...

Grung_e_Gene said...

To all,

It’s all right there on display. The barely contained spittle infused violent anger, the stilted adolescent psychosis, the paranoid projection, are the hallmarks of the Gun Rights Advocates. Question them and they lash out with the petulance of a enraged toddler. Deny them and garner their murderous animus. Defeat them and ensure their wrath.

Day after day, massacre after massacre, death after death, the Firearm Fanatics are very publicly and very quickly trying to turn the Nation into a Dystopic Post-Apocalyptic Hellhole.

ChickenHammer said...

Oh yeah Gene, me and mine are all full of The barely contained spittle infused violent anger, the stilted adolescent psychosis, the paranoid projection, are the hallmarks of the Gun Rights Advocates. Oh yeah Gene, we're all crazy spittle drizzling fanatics like you say. ROFLMAO at you buddy! :)

Question [Gene] and [he will] lash out with the petulance of a enraged toddler. Deny [Gene] and garner [his] murderous animus. Defeat [Gene] and ensure the antics of his [little thing's] wiggle.

Day after day, [mascara smearing scene] after [mascara smearing scene], [slacking Gen-Xer's] death after [slacking Gen-Xer's] death, the [resoponsible] Firearm Owners are very publicly and very quickly [exposing] the NationX [for not being the] Dystopic Post-Apocalyptic Hellhole that Gene imagines [and insists] that it is.

Dervish Sanders said...

Cops shoot unarmed people Chickenhammer reports; but I fail to understand the point he's trying to make. That the public should have guns so they can shoot back at the police? As Gene said, "they've already shown they intend to murder LEOs and government employees". Is Chickenhammer eager to kill a cop in justified self defense (or possibly otherwise)? Sounds like there might be a chance ChickenHammer goes on a spree killing (agree with Gene).

We even have people who proclaim themselves to be "Moderate" denying there is any connection between the high number of guns some own and the escalating gun violence (and even spouting the gun nut line about more guns ensuring LESS violence).

What this show is, I think, that no number of deaths will ever be "enough" to finally prod our lawmakers to action. A sign that the US is on it's way to becoming a failed state? Yes, I would agree with that assessment, given that violence and inequality have been shown to be linked.

Anonymous said...

The problem with people like RN is they misrepresent the intentions of the 2nd amendment.
It was all about militias and protecting a fighting force in the colonies.
We had no army and no funds to supply weapons to militia members. Militia service was mandatory and members had to bring their own guns with them. That was the protection of the 2nd amendment, that those militia members would have guns.
There was no mention of personal use (hunting etc.) because that was not the issue.
Read Madison.

ChickenHammer said...
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