Monday, September 30, 2013

Of course Republicans want a Government Shutdown

"It's exactly what we wanted, and we got it," Michele Bachmann Republican Everywoman.
Because it will harm the Working Class and aid the Rich. And those are the two core missions of the Modern GOP.

The GOP and their Teahaddist Fanatics have been calling for a Government Shutdown for the last 3 years since they re-took the House of Representatives. But, it's been an on-going mission of the Republican Nihilists who Occupy DC,
"By the time we finish this poker game, there may not be a Federal Government left, which would suit me just fine," convicted Republican criminal Tom DeLay in 1994.
Republicans have set up a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. They declare Government doesn't work and then set all their energies at ensuring their proclamations manifest.

Now, the 1% don't care if the Government Shuts down (temporarily) because they have contingencies for such situations and when the Government shutdown ends they'll set their crotch-sniffing Republican and Pro-Business Dogs back out on the trail of further deregulation, outsourcing and privatization.

The Super Rich will once again sell short on the Nation, as they did when their Republican Lickspittles threatened Shutdown in 2011, and buy up more of the American Landscape. These techniques are not available to the 90% of Americans who have no stocks or bonds and can't invest  in mutual funds or get their Republican Govenors to sell them public utilities at wholesale prices.

Meanwhile small businesses around closed National Parks will go out of business, working class people will lose benefits, military spouses will be unable to pay bills, Government employees will be furloughed.

But, this is also a win for Republicans because they will claim it's all President Obama's fault.

I never thought I'd see the day when the juvenile, 'Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself' would be the governing principle of an American Political Party.

Nonetheless, we have a Party (and some of the other Party) devoted to returning this Country to the pockets of the Super Rich and ushering in an Era of Neo-Feudalist Wage Slavery.

A partial list of what's being affected by the Republican Hostage Taking and Shutting Down of the Government.


Sarge said...

I for one American and fed up with this partisan politics crap. It is time to demand that our representatives in Congress do the work we elected them to do and that is to cooperate and legislate.

Remember this shit November 2014.


Grung_e_Gene said...

I tell ya Sarge, this is precisely what the Republican Party is about: Destruction of Government.

They aren't there to Legislate but to roll back regulations and progressive advancements and unfurl the Full Power of the Super Rich.

the yellow fringe said...

While the national parks and national monuments are closed to the public, they are not closed to fracking, mining, timber cutters, who bid in closed rigged groups for the right to take assets at prices set 60 years ago, and as with coal have been found to underreport tonnage and thus underpay the american taxpayer for vandalizing the parks.

ChickenHammer said...

When neither side is willing to negotiate with the other this is the result.

The "essential" white house chefs are still fully employed yet the national parks are closed down and their employees furloughed. That speaks volumes about what matters to the white house.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Right-Wingers want to shoot and kill Liberals.

Liberals don't want to be shot

Compromise Conservatives demand the Left negotiate and agree to Grievous Bodily Wounding.

The ACA is the Law. The Rule of Law is Paramount to Conservatives... except when it's not.

ChickenHammer said...

The ACA is the Law. The Rule of Law is Paramount to Conservatives... except when it's not.

Slavery used to be the law of the land; but we fixed that.

The 55 mph speed limit used to be the law of the land; but we fixed that.

The Defence of Marriage Act used to be the law of the land; but we fixed that.

Letting only white land owners vote used to be the law of the land; but we fixed that.

Poll taxes used to be the law of the land; but we fixed that.

The ACA is the law of the land; so why can't we fix that?

the yellow fringe said...

Banks couldn't play the stock or re-insurance market like day traders. But we fixed that.

Corporations were not considered people when it comes to elections. But we fixed that.

Minorities had protection under the voting rights law. But we fixed that.

The middle class collectively owned about as much as the top 10%. But we fixed that.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Whose this "we"? Usethe proper pronoun. Americans love the ACA. But more importantly if you can't see the fundamental difference between Slavey and providing minimum care for poor people then you have bigger issues, which you can receive treatment for under Obamacare.

ChickenHammer said...

Whose [sic] this "we"? Usethe [sic] proper pronoun.

Oh the irony of that part of your response. LOL

oBamaCare is the law of the land. oBamaCare will not last long. Something we do agree on is the Republicans are stupid to try to shut it down. The smart money is on letting it be fully implemented and watching it collapse under it's own weight.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Wow, chickenhammer. When you resort to grammar to"win" I know you have no valid argument. But, I'll refrain from using my smartphone to reply to your bogus points.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Americans love the ACA."

Though I do not support the GOPs tactic to use the ACA as the impetus for a Government shut down, I likewise do not support the ACA writ large.

However, the quoted statement above is only true in the most subjective sense. I can find just as many polls opposing the ACA, as I can for supporting it....with many of the more recent seemingly in the opposition camp [simple google machine search, unscientific talley.]

Grung_e_Gene said...


President Obama won re-election in 2012 by 5 million votes. Democratic Candidates for the House received over 1.5 million more votes than Republicans.

That's the best (WIDEST) poll that could be conducted re: the ACA.

But, hey this Government "Slimdown" is about punishing regular Americans so that the Ultra-Reactionary take over of America can continue.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Gene, Fair enough, if that's the personal metric you want to use. Although I would quibble over the phrase still. It's a pet peeve of mine when both parties employ the support of the "the American people" vaguely and at will.

It will be interesting to see if you employ the same deference when the situation is reversed under a GOP Administration.

Grung_e_Gene said...

"I’m working," Republican Senator Mike Lee, who believes child labor laws are Unconstitutional said. "I’ll continue to be paid."

Well, everyone ignores the Will of the People when it suits them, and elections are sacrosant when Republicans want them to be:

As Dana Perino said, "You had input. The American people have input every four years, and that’s the way our system is set up."And as Dick Cheney said when told 2/3rds of Americans say Iraq is not worth fighting, "So?"