Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lets just send George Zimmermann to Syria

Seriously. We should just deploy GZ to control the Syria Hinterland. He's already skilled in murdering young unarmed men, punching old men in the face and waving around guns to intimidate and threaten women. These pretty much coincide with current US military doctrine when it comes to interactions with local populations.

No one should be surprised George Zimmerman has already gotten into trouble following his Acquittal due to Victim Blackness in the Trayvon Martin murder case.

Zimmerman is a loathsome child of a former judge with a history of Domestic Abuse, fighting with Police Officers and, of course, Murder.

He got away with murder, of course, he feels entitled to drive recklessly, attend Gun Shows to accept awards, and now go back to beating up and threatening his wife and her family and then destroying evidence and lying about what happened.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Baseless projections on the facts surrounding the Zimmerman case aside......thanks for maligning the entire military.

Grung_e_Gene said...


You need to read the definition of "baseless" as everything I referenced has occurred. Your reflexive Zimmerman love and defense does you a disservice.

And your welcome for my malignancy. Of course, I know you prefer jingoism and profess false "Support the Troops" rhetoric while applauding every political rally in which people declare their undying love of Veterans then walk back to their cars with the faded magnetic yellow ribbons

So they can go home and righteously ignore Veteran suicide, thousands of rapes, shoddy living conditions, and piss poor strategic planning.

But, it makes you feel so good so keep it up!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Well, no actually. I have no Zimmerman love, but rather, a respect for the facts and evidence. Could be something you might want to look into.

And as an opponent of both the war in Iraq, any impending war in Syria, and our false COIN strategy in seem to be further projecting what you would like veterans to believe.....and stand for.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Well done with the I'm rubber and you're glue offense!

What "facts" and "evidence" do you have with respect to Zimmerman? I have no desire to "look into" the facts which you happen to ascribe to which end up defending a scum bucket like GZ.

Zimmerman fits the quintesstinal profile of a criminal and abuser. It's always someone else starting it with him.

Nonetheless, he'll always have his defenders.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The "facts" and "evidence" for the Zimmerman-Martin event were brought to light during the trial...perhaps you heard of it?

Defense of justice is not by default, defense of the person.

ChickenHammer said...

Wow, why the animosity towards our military? My guess is either you never served or there's an RE-4 on your DD-214. But enough on that lets talk about Mr. Zimmerman.

Estranged wife, who happens to have been convicted of perjury very recently, calls 911 to say ex husband is waiving a gun and threatening the lives of her and her father. Convicted perjurer also claims Mr. Zimmerman battered her father. Police respond and find Mr. Zimmerman does not have a gun and father in law has no marks on him indicating he had been battered.

The real question is why wan't the 911 caller cuffed and stuffed for making a false report?

the yellow fringe said...

I heard Zimmerman is helping Simpson hunt for the killer.
Oh that reminds me, I was in the "entire military", maligning it is not going to hurt it, it's really not that fragile, I wish more people understood that. You have my permission, I do it myself once in a while.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Guess what, as usual, you're wrong. About my service and about the facts around the 911 call.

It's amazing that everyone around GZ is always wrong, he's just a poor put upon man. That's the classic profile of an abuser and criminal.

I know it well from years of working the job.

Also, there are marks on Shellie's father's face, which looks as bad as any seen on GZ's face the night he murdered Trayvon Martin.

So, once Apple aids the PD in recovering the video from the IPad Georgie smashed hopefully Shellie will sign complaints and George will be arrested for DomBatt.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Shellie will attack Georgie and he'll have to stand his ground again...