Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Second Amendment Hero shoots up Washington DC Naval Yard

“He turned our way and started firing, and we ran downstairs to get out of the building,” Todd Brundidge a civilian employee at the Naval Sea Systems Command building said. “No words. He raised the gun and started firing.”

Well... Let's see. How does a Plutocracy destroy a Nation? Well, Shock & Awe are really only useful for Foreign Lands. At home the Rich get the Working Class to destroy itself.

President Ronald Reagan, that mentally-addled, terrorist-loving, cut-and-run Chickenhawk, tax-raising, war criminal, tool of the Plutocrats first set about destroying the Social Safety Net and aiding the Rich in their conquest of America.

In 1977 President Jimmy Carter created President's Commission on Mental Health, charged with assessing the particulars of mental health services and making specific suggestions on how things should be changed. On August 13, 1981 President Reagan rescinded the law.

So, Mental Health screenings don't exist in this country. By turning it over to the States, Reagan and his Rich Controllers knew the problem would get kicked around and then ignored often left to family members calling their local police departments and the responding Officer telling the family member if they don't agree to go voluntarily and haven't made any statements about harming themselves or others there's nothing we can do.

Now, that we have thousands of mentally ill persons homeless and not receiving medications let's ensure Working Class people can't possibly take care of their sick family members by stagnating their wages for the last 35 years. Then we can also remove trade restrictions and allow Companies to offshore jobs and factories to increase Corporate profits, further stressing the Working Class. And of course, if this isn't enough, the Rich then swindle the Nation and set up the Wall Street Financial Crisis and get Trillions in taxpayer welfare stolen from the rest of us, which they neatly place in their pockets and transfer down to their Cayman Islands bank accounts.

Let's add into the mix 350 million firearms in this Nation, specifically the AR-15, the original platform having been created for Vietnam but now finding use on the Homeland in multiple mass shootings.

So, our current Hero of the Second Amendment brought an AR-15, shotgun and handgun and killed 4 people while wounding another 6 before being killed by SWAT. Searches for additional gunmen on the sprawling facilities are on-going.

And what will be the resolution from this? The gun hugging lovers of Unrestricted Firearm Violence will call for more weapons in the hands of "good guys" and underlying causes will never ever be addressed let alone solved.

So, just as with Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech expect more and more Gun Violence and more and more intractability by the insane Cult of the Gun.


the yellow fringe said...

If more guns were the answer then our most dangerous neighborhoods should be our safest.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Searching for two more shooters.

But, what a testament to the NRA sponsored and Gun Nut fueled Recall of two Colorado State Senators for daring to do anything about AR-15 mass shootings.

The Gun Nuts are going to kill us all...

Constitutional Insurgent said...

It's cute how you pretend that law abiding firearms owners support - and even applaud - violent crime.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Constitutional Insurgent,

I don't find another 12 murders by gun "cute". It is sad.

And almost every gun owner is "law-abiding" except when they aren't...

BadTux said...

But c'mon. Over 1.5 million people die of cancer every year, while less than 100 people die as victims of spree shootings every year. Clearly that means the only appropriate response of government is to outlaw cancer.

-- The NRA

(Note -- above is tongue-in-beak, but summarizes the NRA's whole argument in a nutshell).

David said...

Constitutional Insurgent,

I too find it abhorrent the Gene called another homicidal criminal a hero. Only a truly sick and loathsome reprobate would give such a criminal hero status.


And almost every gun owner is "law-abiding" except when they aren't...

Are you a gun owner? Are you "law-abiding" up until you aren't?