Monday, August 13, 2012

A Romney/Ryan Presidency would be an Implacable Foe of the Working Man

The Only Americans who will Vote for Romney and Ryan are the Rich, the Racists and the Lazy Wingnut Welfare recipients.

Mitt Romney spent some time in Iowa after his disasterous trip to Europe. I'm not really certain why Mitt went to Britian and Poland anyway, after all every conservative hack here slams President Obama for his "European Socialism". Maybe lizard brain right-wingers think London and Warsaw aren't in Europe.

But, over the weekend Romney made news by his statments in Iowa and his choice of a Vice-Presidential Condidate Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

Romney's buffoonish trip to Iowa put the state firmly in play for President Obama. Romney as a Vulture Capitalist doesn't know shit about farms. Mitt spent his Iowa trip playing to the Washington DC wingnuts with his calls to end subsidies for Wind Farms.

As Mitt doesn't prepare meals or purchase produce he doesn't know that America is in the worst drought in 70 years and crops everywhere are failing. (Don't say Global Warming!) So Mitt is unaware that farmers in Iowa whose corn crops are not going to succeed this year have also invested in Wind Farms. Those wind farms are going to be the only thing which let the small farmers keep their farms.

But the small farmer isn't who Mitt cares about. Sure Romney knows he can slit the throat of the working farmer and some will vote for him because President Obama is black, but Mitt is playing to the Koch Brothers and Big Oil Conglomerates.

So, it's no surprise that the salt of the earth farmer Mitt Romney met with last week was Lemar Koethe, a multi-millionaire, owner of 54 different farms, primarily soybean and corn, who blames the crop shortages of this year on government regulations. (Don't say Global Warming!)

As for Paul Ryan, he is a quintesstienal conservative. He never worked a day in his life. He never served a day in uniform. He's never had a real job as he immediately went to work for Republican bureaucrats after he graduated. Ryan has spent his whole adult life in DC, enjoying his government funded healthcare, his government funded pension, and his generous taxpayer funded salary.

His families fortune and business where not built by their hard work, but by graft and government contracts. Ryan's father tragically died when Paul was a teenager. Paul Ryan made it through school on SSI benefits. Ryan's Path to Penury and Deathcare Budget are designed to permanently pull up the ladder he used to get an education and enjoy a comfortable life. See My Post:The Paul Ryan and Republican Budget is a Trojan Horse by a Flaccid Party.

Romney and Ryan only care about the 'Job Creators'. If you work for a living you know that Romney and Ryan will do everything in their power to make things harder for you.

However, if you're a poisonous scribe, like Jonah Goldberg or Brent The Bigot Bozell, who "earns" a living by sitting around on your expansive derriere writing despicable lies and slanderous hit pieces you're going to vote Romney & Ryan.

But, if you're a Rich Plutocrat who despises the high cost of American Labor and wants the working man and middle class ground down into dust and perpetual servitude you'll stencil in Romney.

For Romney and Ryan are explicitly promising to cement the widing gulf of income inequality between the 1% and America while they cradle their Plutocratic Brethern in the bosom of the Federal Government.


the yellow fringe said...

Like any good rich guy, or a rich guy owned by even richer guys, these two only look up the ladder of success and see regulations and laws slowing the arrival of their next million dollars a few months.

As for Iowa farmers, it is now estimated over 170M of US taxpayers $ will be distributed due to crop losses (insurance companies are only on the hook for a portion of the loss, after that YOU ARE). Global warming comes with a very high cost, and so will electing these two lobbyist for the aristocracy.

Silverfiddle said...

Financial collapse under an unsustainable debt burden and permanent national decline are an even bigger foe.

And we are on that path.

Sarge said...

And what party's president took a former president's $250 billion surplus and ran America up to our asses in red ink?
You conservatives have a memory span barely longer than your dicks...


Grung_e_Gene said...

Yellow Fringe,

Why yes it's odd how the Free Market doesn't apply when the loses affect a Bank or an Inusrance Firm. It's Socialism for the Rich but Cut-Throat Capitalism for the Poor.


Debt burden? And from whence does the debt burden come? The 30 Trillion spent on weapons contracts (not the actual weapons) since before Dwight Eisenhower's Speech 50 years ago...

But, the Plutocracies Shell Game of Tax the Middle Class to support the Poor continues unabated...

Dave Dubya said...

The unsustainable debt burden is more sustainable when the rich pay less taxes? Who's gonna make up the differrence?