Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Rich shouldn't have to pay Any Taxes. That's what the Poor are For!

“In 1968, France was a dangerous place to be for a 21-year-old American but Mitt Romney was right in the middle of it.” — CNN, Romney Revealed. It was a simple clerical mix-up for the Pro-Draft Chicken Hawk Mitt Romney when he filled out his missonary visa after receiving multiple draft deferments. France instead of French-Indochina...
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan pay under 16% in Taxes. I would say they rountinely pay even less than that, but as Willard Mitt Romney refuses to reveal his tax returns prior to 2010, we can only reasonably infer Romney made Hundreds of Millions by eliminating American jobs, closing American factories, while he got millions in tax subsidies and corporate welfare from the George W(orst President Ever) Bush's reverse-robin hood Tax schemes.

But, Romney and Ryan really shouldn't pay any taxes because they are the "Job Creators". They are the Elect. They are the Social Darwinian Champions.

Only workers need to be pay taxes. Hopefully, as the Coal Miners from Murray Energy learned, it will be Mandatory to Vote your Bosses Pocketbook and a new tax on the Middle Class and Poor titled The Pleasure for Working and Voting for Romney Tax will be enacted.

Mitt Romney tould CBS News Scott Pelley what Government programs he'd cut. Romney rattled off, "the subsidy for PBS*, the subsidy for Amtrak, the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts, the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Humanities."

Listening to Romney glibly discussing his plans to cut nickels from the Federal Budget what is more apparent and has been revealed often by Romney is his plan to turn the United States into a Giant Wealth Sucking Machine.

Willard Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will lower taxes on the 1%, raise them on the Middle Class and Poor, cut programs which aid the Middle Class and eliminate any and all regulations which hamper the small cadre of Elites, with whom they associates, to steal Trillions of Dollars from Us and funnel it into their off-shore Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts.

It's not that Romney or any Republican wants to limit the size of Government. No what they want to do is to convince enough people to Vote away their own Rights and Benefits. Those Rights and Benefits will be lost but the monies won't be. Instead Billions of dollars which should go to 99% of the American people will then easily be transitioned into the pocketbooks of the Wealthy.

A Vote for Romney is a vote for his Tax Plan which raises the tax burden on the Middle Class and lowers it on the Rich. While not lowering any of the Government handouts to the Corporate Moochers. So you pay more in taxes and Romney gives that money to Corporations are People, my friend who then hide that money in their off-shore bank accounts.

A Vote for Romney is a vote to transfer Social Security into Wall Street, from whence it can be gambled away and lost into the bank accounts of Sheldon Adelson.

A Vote for Romney is a vote to transfer public lands and mineral rights into the hands of the Koch Brothers, who having no vested interest in keeping those lands pristine will rape, despoil and pollute the land and extract the funds for their private use.

A Vote for Romney is a vote to chain yourself and your prosperity into the shackles of Wage Slavery and Corporate Bondage.
*- Every member on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) board was nominated by George W(orst President Ever) Bush...


the yellow fringe said...

"his plans to cut nickels from the Federal Budget" It's not about saving money, they will spend every bit of it with their buddies, it's about punishing certain departments, services and certain citizens.

"The rich will always be with us". Jesus

Patricia said...

It's amazing! Cut funding to PBS, which is hardly anything, i.e. nickels. Just exactly how much does he think the middle class has left? Whatever it is he wants that too. No cuts to defense, out of control Pentagon spending. That can never be audited. I can't wait to hear his stellar speechmaking tonight. Everyone in the Conservative club will be rapturous. I wonder how many of them are middle class? I am nothing short of amazed that these people will vote against their own self interest.