Saturday, May 19, 2012

Republican Mitch Daniels spits in the faces of the Troops

Republican Mitch Daniels, a rumored Romney VP choice, spit in the faces of every service member in the US Military, at home but especially abroad, when he stated we are in "Peacetime".
"Well, you know, he's been the president of this nation for the three years in which we have drifted ever closer to the biggest peacetime crisis we may have ever faced. There's no doubt it. It's a mathematical certainty."
In Mitch Daniels' Zeal to blame Republicans financial failures on President Obama, Mitch conveniently ignored the fact that George W. Bush's Afghanistan War is still going on.

The only "mathematical certainty" Mitch Daniels knows about, is the one in which he aided President George W(orst Ever) Bush in keeping the massive War budget deficits off the Books, so that Republicans could claim Bush didn't spend that much.

What a crock of shit. This is as shameless as Republicans and conservatives claiming George W. Bush inherited 9/11!

Mitch Daniels and every Republican is involved in the biggest shell game in History. Republicans utterly controlled America from 2001-2006, the Trillions of Dollars they siphoned off and transferred to the Plutocracy and the internal destruction they wrought upon the Nation is still choking US. Yet, they've spent 3+ years trying to shift the blame on President Obama. 

I guess no one could blame Republicans for not wanting to take Responsibility for their actions! George Bush and Mitch Daniels Legacy is 9/11 and Recession.

So, how do Republicans cover their atrocious record? Spit on the Troops and say it's "Peacetime". Once again Republicans use the Troops to further the evil destruction of the Middle Class and the subjugation of the 99% as Wage Slaves in Corporate Bondage.


Tom Harper said...

I'm not necessarily in favor of bringing back the draft, but this is what happens when 99% of the public is completely isolated and sheltered from our wars. As far as Mitch Daniels is concerned -- and millions of chickenhawks like him -- we ARE at peace right now, since they themselves aren't getting shot at and blown up.

ran said...

Tom's right. Our country hasn't been at war this century. Bush made sure of that after 9/11 when, faced with a populace ready to sacrifice, ration, volunteer, etc., he told them the best thing to do was to go about their normal daily lives. While he never uttered the "go shopping" line, he might as well have. Keep the majority of us from being affected and there's less complaining about the needlessness of the wars and the profiteering.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ah but, Tom, Mitch Daniels, Mtich McConnell, R. Limpballs, John Boehner, and all the Republicans are at war it's just their war is on the home front! They are doing the truly hard task of destroying America to make sure "Obama is a one term President".

Making America and President Obama fail are the stated war goals of the Right-Wing Chairborne Commandos!!!

And ran, yes, Bush's brain learned the lessons of Vietnam well, As Rove, Mitt Romney and Tom DeLay demonstrated all it is necessary to cloth oneself in the laurels of War is to promote it, while letting some poor person fight overseas in your stead.

Tom Delay - "So many minority youths had volunteered…that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like myself"

And thus removing the war from the daily lives of Americans not many saw that Bush's Boondogles in Iraq and Afghanistan built a $10 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT!

Sarge said...

To his credit Daniels has done a good job as Governor here in Indiana. And, he also bailed out of the Bush Team in Washington when he seen where Bush was headed with the budget.

Evansville, In

Silverfiddle said...

He's following the lead of Obama, who doesn't give a shit about the troops unless he needs them for a campaign backdrop...

And Daniels will not be Veep for the same reason he declined to run for president. Messy personal life. If he were a democrat he could probably get by with it.

Grung_e_Gene said...


That is the lamest rhetorical device in your arsenal. Whenever, I highlight the evil pig shit actions of republicans, which are too numerous to count, you retort with It sounds like Obama! Or A democrat could get away with it!

Lame and pathetic. Pissing on the Troops, while pretending to love them has been a favorite pastime for the Right for over 30 years now.

Sarge said...


Obama at least is focused on going after al-Qaeda and the Taliban rather than blkaming 9/11 on Daddam Hussein. Bush filled over 4,000 body bags, scores of thousands came home maimed or wounded -don't forget those that are now fucked up in the head - all
for a war that we did not have to fight.
Obama is looking to disengage in Afghanistan - McCain would have still had our kids dying in Iraq.

It is all about body bags - and Obama has filled as few as he can.
And, also took out Bin-Laden.

Pathetic? That was Bush and Cheney tring unsuccessflly to tie 9/11 to their wae in Iraq - Center of the global fight on terrorism. There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq until we went in there. The war was in Afghanistan and we had the Taliban on the ropes and GW pulled
GIs out for his victory surge in Afghanistan. The moron also pulled 1 of every three GIs off the DMZn Korea to go to Iraq.
Not bad for a 1lt Ang puke who turned in his wings and resigned his commission because he couldn't
take a piss test for a flying physical.


Colonel Sarge

Silverfiddle said...

Didn't Obama declare GWOT over?

No war means peacetime.

And if Afghanistan was the "right" war, why is Obama leaving?

Grung_e_Gene said...

Silverfiddle, your two passive voice questions are weak, man. Are you asking me or telling me the GWoT is over?

For your information, the GWoT is still "officially" on-going.

And since President Obama oversaw the end of Bin Laden his STATED GOAL while running for President, it's time Afghanistan (ready or not) stood on their own.

But, I suspect your partisan bickering on this issue is just needling for attention.

Silverfiddle said...

No. I think we should have left Afghanistan years ago. The whole nation-building bs was just that, BS.

The money we put in there is going to the Taliban.

But anyway, you called me on it, so I went back and researched...

So, OK, Obama didn't declare GWOT over, he just renamed it. So officially, we are not at war, we are at contingency.

And you need to read up on what passive voice means. You misused the term.