Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Notre Dame only finds morality when controlling Lady Parts not Football

"But hey, you have to have moral values. You have to start somewhere, and that’s what we’ve decided to do." - Mississippi Representative Bubba Carpenter Republican Pro-Coat Hanger Abortions
The Unversity of Notre Dame is among the multiple Catholic-based institutions suing President Obama over providing the Birth Control mandate in Obamacare.

As these institutions provide healthcare coverage as part of their pay/benefits to their employees, this is a cut and dried situation wherein a business does not have the right to tell it's employees what they may or may not spend their money upon. Nor can Notre Dame deny to cover needed/legal medical care based on their fantasy beliefs.

But, the key is the University of Notre Dame has only found it's catholic morality when it comes to controlling lady parts. For when it comes to controlling the behavior of Football players, Notre Dame takes a hands off approach.

In just May this year, 3 Notre Dame football players, Tommy Rees, DaVaris Daniels, Carlo Calabrese have been arrested. And this isn't the first time Notre Dame Football has had run-ins with the law or have had football players go off on alcohol fueled crime sprees.

Last year star Notre Dame Football player Michael Floyd was arrested for a DUI. Notre Dame made Floyd a Team Captain and described him as a "star".

In July, 2010, eight Notre Dame Football players were arrested for alcohol-related charges (mostly underage drinking) stemming from an off-campus party. None of the players missed a game.

But, even worse than Notre Dame's coddling of Football is that Notre Dame's Football program claimed the lives of two students in 2010.

Just 3 months before Floyd's arrest, incoming freshman Matt James died when he fell off a hotel balcony during spring break with a blood-alcohol level of 0.19.

And in 2010 Notre Dame killed Declan Sullivan, when they sent him up onto an unstable scissor lift in 50+ mph winds to film Notre Dame Football practice. The tower fell, Sullivan died.

After all this is the Univserity which has "Touchdown Jesus", Joe Montana and the legend of little Rudy Ruettiger, who in December 2011 was charged with SEC violations and paid a fine of nearly $400,000 dollars. Of course, Football players may do whatever they wish.
"I think if you’re saying that South Bend is the only place in the world where that occurs, then maybe that would be true. But these are things we deal with in society all over the country. Everybody’s working to teach and communicate about making good choices. We’re going to hope that the guys model and lead the right way." - Notre Dame Football Coach Brian Kelly.
So, yet again with have religious institutions which only finds Morality when it comes to oppressing and controlling women. When it comes to controlling the racacous criminal behavior of King Football well then Notre Dame "hopes" and relies on the unseen magic of "Touchdown Jesus".


Patricia said...

Yeah, there's really nothing like the patriarchy godbags throwing tantrums, because guess what? It's my uterus assholes and you don't have a say. There's going to be a lot of crying over this, Cardinal Dolan's vestments are going to be drenched

Sarge said...

Now you pay attention! There are two things that you do not bad mouth - One is Indiana University basketball (that includes the Saint Robert Montgomery Knight) and Norte Dame football.
Look this booze shit is all from those faggot South Bend cops who are Perdue fans - and, likely Bears fans too - fucking with kids having a good time.
Now, jest what in the fuck does damned opposition to birth control pills have to do with beating Bear Bryant or those other southern boys that seem not to know nuthin abot no football?

Say, twenty hail mary's, have a bloody mary, and buy yer ass a Norte Dame t-shirt!

Father Sarge

That was choir girls Not boys...

Grundy said...

To paraphrase Doc Holiday in Tombstone... "Their hypocrisy knows no bounds."

Green Eagle said...

Have you ever been to a Notre Dame home football game? I have never seen such an ugly, hate-filled, angry crowd in my life. It's not a pretty spectacle.

Silverfiddle said...

"As these institutions provide healthcare coverage as part of their pay/benefits to their employees, this is a cut and dried situation wherein a business does not have the right to tell it's employees what they may or may not spend their money upon"

Wrong (as usual) Gene.

To prove my point, go demand your employer provide you a 100% unlimited prescription drug benefit.

Sarge said...

Seen the Irish play Purdue at west Lafayette. The hate filled game is Norte Dame and Boston College.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Grundy, personally I think the alcohol fueled crime sprees by Notre Dame Football are biblically sound, after all Touchdown Jesus didn't turn wine into water!

Green Eagle, thankfully no, but I have been to Wrigley to observe the drunken obese middle slobs yell 7 year old girls "pampered bastards" and "assholes".

Silverfiddle, If I have a contract which includes a 100% unlimited prescription drug benefit then I don't get a 100% unlimited drug benefit?

This is a simple case of religious institutions, which are not people, but un-American, un-Democratic, bastions of bigotry, ignorance and hatred forcing their system of fantasies upon Americans.

Tom Harper said...

Jeez, didn't you know -- the Bible is exclusively devoted to Lady Parts (i.e. the condemnation thereof). I mean, sure, there are some other obscure passages in the Bible about the sin of usury, and a few quaint old sayings like "judge not lest ye be judged" and "let he amongst you that is without sin cast the first stone."

But that touchy-feely stuff doesn't count. It's all about condemning and controlling them Lady Parts.

toma said...

. . there's a bit about Lot's unsavory end nearly meeting with some gentlemen parts, but ultimately his daughters give it up, reaffirming his manhood. Thus endeth the family porn.