Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey Tea Party! Mitt Romney spikes the football and takes the credit for the Saving the Auto Industry and creating Government Motors

Professional candidate, Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney is now spiking the football and taking credit for the Auto Bailout. “So I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry’s come back,” Mitt Romney.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Tea Party! Remember all that internet bile and vitriol you spewed at President Obama for creating Government Motors? Here's Chicago's own Warner Todd Huston's lambasting President Obama and Government Motors. So what are you going to do now? Blame Mitt Romney for the Auto Bailout or Praise him? Or be the cheap tawdry frauds we all know you are and claim credit while still bashing President Obama for saving millions of American jobs?

Besides the sham Tea Party this whole claim by Mitt Romney is beyond ridiculous. Mitt Romney is a despicable fraud, who profits off of firing Americans and reducing their standard of living. Everyone knows Mitt Romney proclaimed loudly Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. Here's the telling line from Romney,
It would permit companies to shed excess labor, pension and real estate costs.
What Mitt was declaring was let the American workers and Union Labor get shafted while the rump of the companies could be bought up cheaply by Bain Capital and other Vulture Capitalists.

Romney made his fortune on buying companies laying off workers and selling off assets to artificially raise the "value" of the company and then selling off the husk of a company for profit. This is how Romney and the Hedge Fund Vultures with whom he congregates operate.

Shameless. Years ago I correctly summed up Romney's character [See my post: Uncle Mitty and Blood in the Water].
It's unbelievable, Romney is The Dauphin of the Republican Aristocratic Kleptocracy, as the Son of a Governor and Presidential Candidate and then a life long college student, draft dodger, "hard working" consultant and now professional politician. Romney has never done an honest days worth of work in his life opting instead to be a professional socialist, a bureaucrat through and through who has lived his life of leisure and largess at the expense of the American Taxpayer. Fittingly as a Republican he is also a Chicken Hawk, bravely wanting to risk the lives of other men's sons while his sons sacrifice for America by trying to get him elected President. His perfect hair is greased with the oily drippings of his rank cowardice.
If Romney is elected, you can expect his buddies the 1% of the 1% to reap massive amounts of Tax Payer Assistance while the Poor and Middle Class pay higher taxes and see their pensions, social security and Medicare all funneled into the coffers of the Plutocrats.

A Fantastic Post by Green Eagle, Mitt Romney's Excellent Adventure at Bain Capital, does a great job of summing up Romney's horrid record of killing American jobs to squeeze a few extra bucks for his off-shore accounts and Wall Street portfolios.


the yellow fringe said...

Every week I encounter managers and owners of manufacturing firms who tell me wages have to go down, benefits and safety requirements have to go down or we can't compete. A rabble of min-me Romneys. Together they sing a song of impossibilities; work without safety net, work for less and you will prosper in a state of full employment and financial growth where we can all afford to pay for our own heart surgery and own a nice home and drive new 12 mpg pickups.
But the reality is a taxiway of Learjets headed for Caymen Islands, taking off over run down rentals and schools without librarians.
Look, the rich seek one thing, more advantage, and your well being does not add one iota of advantage.

Sarge said...

Great campaign ad fodder for Obama.
Normally I would be amazed at someone being as brazen of a liar as Romney - But, he does this a straight face.

And, Fringe - You are right! Every word.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Sarge and Fringe,

The cheap tawdry frauds of the right-wing blog-o-sphere are doing exactly what I thought they would. ignoring all their lying posts from the past 3 years attacking President Obama, declaring the auto loan to be Marxism and coming up with "Government Motors" are now discovering nuance and finessing Romney's bullshit claim.

Green Eagle said...

Thanks so much for the link. The Republicans have spent the last four years screaming about "vetting" Obama and claiming absurdly that no one knows who he is, but they will rely on the press to see that no one knows who Romney really is. Sad to say, it will probably work for them.