Saturday, April 28, 2012

Will Sean Hannity and Michele Bachmann vigorously defend Delmon Young?

"I feel that this hate crime legislation could be considered the very definition of tyranny." - Michele Bachmann
MLB player Delmon Young was arrested and charged with a Hate Crime stemming from an altercation in New York City. Any day now the Faux News machine shall drop everything and show the Tyrannical Injustice of charging an American with Hate Crime Legislations!

Oh wait, is there some reason why conservatives don't support hate crime legislation?

Michele Bachmann spoke eloquently on the need to eliminate Hate Crime Legislation, "...Someone might hold some very hateful beliefs, but we are America, shouldn't they be allowed to hold those beliefs?"

Now what could be the reason Hannity, Bachmann, Virginia Foxx, Steve King, and all the Right-Wing punks wouldn't rise to Young's defense? I wonder what it could be...

I wonder what the difference is that will make Faux News reverse themselves and vilify the suspect in this case and support the charging of a hate crime?

Instead of watching the spectacle of Sean Hannity rising to the day-in, day-out defense of the suspect the way Sean did towards George Zimmerman, I wonder why Sean would be against Delmon Young and against Trayvon Martin? And against Shirley Sherrod? Hmmm, I wonder why it is Sean Hannity, Faux News, Michele Bachmann and the Republican Party always seem to be against "blahhh people", as Sick Rantorum put it so eloquently in Iowa?

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY) is receiving threats after Glenn Beck and the ghoulish Andrew Breitbart's websites created an edited video of her. Yet, again we have totally-not-racist conservatives targeting an African-American person in Government based on the lies of Breitbart or Beck...

Bachmann, the Republican Party and most conservatives blamed the Housing Bubble on poor minorities getting loans from the government... Michele Bachmann directly applied for and received a $417,000 Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac backed home loan in 2008. After getting hers Michele called for a dismantling of Fanne and Freddie.


Silverfiddle said...

I love watching the nutty left get their panties in a wad over fox news.

I think lefties probably watch it more that conservatives. You guys sure talk about it more.

Foxation: A fixation on Fox news.

And nobody is blaming poor people for the housing market crash. We blame the stupid government for forcing lending institutions to lower standards to the point that there were no standards at all.

It was not just poor people defaulting. I think the majority was middle class people with jobs trying to buy too much house. In a sane world with time-tested standards, no bank in its right mind would have loaned them that much money.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Hi everybody! My name is Silverfiddle! Do you know me? Every time a post appears which highlights the egregious ignorance or blatant stupidity or outright evil of conservatives. I respond with insults, nutty left, libtards, ho ho ho! Then I proclaim the point is moot because the nutty left (ho ho ho) always has Rush Limpballs or Sean Hannity or whatever ignorant Republican stooge inside their brain.

Ha ha ha what an excellent strategy I have developed. That way I never have to respond to the disgusting oppressive totalitarian bullshit that the Republican Party and their duped right-wing buffoons are foisting upon the Nation.

Game Set Match!

SadOldVet said...

To respond to the actual content of the blog...

The reason that Fox Noise, Rush Limpballs, Sean Insanity, and the reich wing noise machine will not rush to defend Young is that they know that the only racism left in the U.S. is that of blacks against whites.

Grung_e_Gene said...


Upon re-reading your comment I see you are making a spot on analysis of the warped and deluded conservative brain which only sees "reverse racism" as a problem in America.