Sunday, April 15, 2012

So what kind of Foul is Mitt Romney? Chicken Hawk or Vulture Capitalist?

Ha, trick question R-Money is both a cowardly Chicken Hawk warmonger and a despicable money stealing job-destroying Vulture Capitalist.

From a photo in 1966, 19 year old Mitt Romney protested an anti-war sit in, holding a sign declaring Speak Out Don't Sit-In. Hypocrisy and Cowardice are fundamental aspects of being a Republican these days. Romney was more than willing to champion the Draft and the War in Vietnam because he knew his dandified, moneyed, lilly-livered, pampered ass wasn't going anywhere near it.

I guess Mitt figured that when he filled out his Overseas Visa Application "France" was close enough to "French-Indochina".

Romney's pack of 5 sons obviously inherited their father's cowardice because nary a one served a single fucking day in the military [See My Post: The Romney Boys are the New Sullivan Brothers!]


Sarge said...

Don't go there with that last statement because it isn't true. People from both political parties have served America and served us well while in uniform - A striking example is Senator John McCain (R-Az) who spent years as a POW in North Vietnam.
I have a friend who is a AFRES E-8 who watches only FUX and is politically right of the extreme far right - and a Flight Engineer on a C-5. What political party my people belonged to never crossed my mind - They belonged to Sarge's
Now, being serious - If you were one of Romney's sons - would YOU trade all that for a bed in a barracks?

Grung_e_Gene said...


Because I respect your opinion I've removed the last sentence. However, I;m not refering to the rank and file right-winger but to the Leadership of the GOP. Besides the ailing Mark Kirk, John McCain and Linsey Graham the Republican Party is chock full of chicken hawks.

But, as to your last line, of course, Rich people don't go into the military much anymore, they don't even seek to buy colors as the nobility used to, they simply eschew service and let the poor fight the wars.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Sarge, spurred on by your comment I looked at the backgrounds of all the Illinois Republican US Congress members.

Of the 11 Republicans, 2 have served in the military, John Shimkus and Adam Kinzinger, although Aaron Schock gets a pass for not joining because of his sexual preference. Kinzinger is a genuine hero in and out of the military.

But, the other distressing aspect is how many of these Republicans are Professional Politicians, never having a real job outside of government. The aforementioned Schock has held office 1/3rd his life since he was 23, Tim Johnson has held a political office since 1971. Roskam has held office since 1992.

But, if you ask Conservatives not serving in the military and being a lifelong politician are evil liberal traits...

Patricia said...

Well a picture really is worth a thousand words. It amazes me, after Vietnam, the military industrial complex is still so popular. Squandering lives and money, with Paul Ryan's "marvelous" budget, the complex will be even more powerful. No one is willing to even look at the Pentagon's spending. Now, get to work you lazy, undignified baby-mommas!

Silverfiddle said...

Romney's pack of 5 sons obviously inherited their father's cowardice because nary a one served a single fucking day in the military

Just like Obama

Grung_e_Gene said...

Maybe so, Silverfiddle except that when you add in George Romney Sr, G. Scott Romney, Mitt and his 5 sons it proves the Romney's are 8 times as cowardly as Obama. Q.E.D.

Oh and both Mitt and his brother went to Harvard which proves they are evil elitists. It would be amazing that Republicans support the Romney's except Hypocrisy is the prime directive of the Right-Wing.

Silverfiddle said...

Grow up, Gene. Politics runs on hypocrisy...