Saturday, May 28, 2011

This is what Republicans believe: Joplin, MO

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan
As it was enumerated by their blessed Saint Reagan, when disasters strike Republicans tell American Citizens, 'Fuck off and die. You are on your own.' This is why Americans believe "Government" can't do anything correctly, because when Republicans are in charge they consciously sabotage government's abilities.

In Joplin, MO the death toll is 139 people. 139 unique persons killed by increasingly aberrant weather patterns. 100 more are still missing including 9 believed to be dead but not identified. Missouri Officials have the remains of 142 people, but that includes partial remains. But, horrifically, “Some of those remains may be the same person,” Missouri Department of Public Safety Deputy Director Andrea Spillars said. Thousands are in desperate need of immediate assistance, homes obliterated, lives shattered.

But, what is Eric Cantor and the Republican party's response? No federal aid until the Democrats agree to cut government spending.

Dana Loesch, Andrew Breitbart's disciple and the St. Louis Tea Party co-founder sums up what assistance TeaPublican Party Government would offer to the residents of Joplin, "Prayers". Shit in one hand, pray with the other, see which fills up first Dana...

The Republican Party does not care about you. They are not in power to help you. They are in power to crush the American Dream. They are in power to ensure everything in America is privatized. The Republicans serve the Mythos of Disaster Capitalism. To the Republicans Joplin just represents another chance to weaken the Federal Government and enrich themselves, their cronies and their Moneyed Masters off the labor and lives of Americans.


Infidel753 said...

because when Republicans are in charge they consciously sabotage government's abilities.

And thank goodness the new teabagger brand of Republican is so dense as to blatantly come out of the closet (as it were) with their appetite for destruction. In the old days they used to make some effort to pretend otherwise. No sooner do a few of them remember to pretend they're destroying Medicare in order to save it (not that anyone is likely to be fooled at this point) than they decide to hold Joplin hostage to more wrecking.

Which is why Walker, Scott, and the Ryan budget now have an approval rating roughly equal to that of herpes.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, how about these words: "I'm from the government. Die, sucker. What do I care."

Grung_e_Gene said...

GE, "Hi I'm a Republican do you have a million dollars? No? Well then fuck off..."