Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lies, Lies and Videotape: The continued Slander from Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart

"We are going to take on education next. Go after the Teachers and the Union organizers." - Andrew Brietbart on Sean Hannity's show, April 18.
A week after telling Sean Hannity and his deluded Faux viewers he was "going after the teachers" Andrew Brietbart's website had videos up of two University of Missouri-Kansas City teachers apparently inciting violence. The Right shifted into attack mode as hundreds of posters on Breitbart's websites and Faux Viewers angrily vilified the teachers as typical union thugs and parasites destroying America.

Now, given Breitbart's history of deception, fabrication and Breitbart's stated goal of going after teachers why would anyone believe videos, excerpts or anything he purports to be a factual gotcha moment.

I think for two reasons. One, the people targeted are for the most part actually honest people, who when presented with what appears to be evidence of wrongdoing investigate it as though the complaint has merit. This is, of course, what Breitbart and his ilk on the Right are hoping for and expecting. They produce naught but lies and slanders and are hoping the better nature of their targets will lead them to immolate themselves. The other reason must be the people targeted are afraid. They are afraid of the backlash and violence that Breitbart is threatening them with. Breitbart and his proteges' will unleash the anger and death threats of their ignorant rabble and the power of the Republican Party to levy sanctions and specious criminal complaints.

This recent attack in Missouri is spearheaded by Dana Loesch, who runs one of Breitbart's hit piece slander websites, is the co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party and is a regular contributor on CNN (your liberal media). The videos are of two University of Missouri-Kansas City teachers Judy Ancel and Don Giljum. A Washington University (near St. Louis) student named Philip Christofanelli, downloaded a streamed video class and provided that video to a group run by... convicted criminal, Sean Hannity darling, and Andrew Breitbart employee James O'Keefe. Once it was in O'Keefe's hands he edited it to show the teachers actively encouraging violence by Union workers. Dana Loesch received the video and ran with it.

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder joined Dana Loesch on on her radio show to engage in The Two Minutes of Hate against those awful thuggish anti-captialist teachers:
Pete Kinder: What would be the reaction from the lame stream media, if we had a Tea Party leader out there—

Dana Loesch: Oh, right.

Peter Kinder:-advocating violence-

Dana Loesch: Right.

Peter Kinder:-and preaching violence to impressionable young minds? They sit around matter-of-factly—you can hear this on the two videos that are up on, you can see it—matter-of-factly discussing violent overthrow of the capitalist order or the existing order.

Dana Loesch: Well, and this is-and there are a lot of people that like to say, 'Oh, well, this-you know, it was done in a—they were just talking about, you know, different—they were just learning, and it’s academic freedom, and, you know, it needs to be a'-that’s not what they were doing. You had people-

Peter Kinder: That is not what they were doing.

Dana Loesch:-who were giving their personal experiences engaging in this stuff.
This nonsense from Loesch and Kinder fits into the crafted alternate conservative narrative the Right has spent years working into the fabric of society.
- It attacks the "lamestream" media.
- It contains the specious 'Could you imagine if one of us was caught saying x' catch-phrase which is used by the Right as a cover of their bigotry and lies.
- And it is a manufactured outrage, using videos and narratives which are lies, to denigrate a group whom the Right hates.

What does it say of a political movement that they can only advance their agenda through lies? We've seen this before from Breitbart, O'Keefe, and Dana Loesch against ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Senator Mary Landrieu, Planned Parenthood and the peaceful Pro-Union rallies in Wisconsin. But, that's the point isn't it? The Conservatives have reached their conclusions and are engaged in unlimited warfare against Liberals and Progressives. As such, they believe all tactics are acceptable. They will lie, cheat, fabricate and do whatever is necessary to advance their agenda.

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