Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why christians hate Harry Potter

Christians hate Harry Potter because his books are far better crafted, far better written and are a far more internally consistent fairy tale than the collection of nonsense contained in their books of the bible.


LORD TRUTH 101 said...

The over zealous one hate it because that's 21.95 that can't be donated to the church.

By the way, I'm a Christian and I liked the movies.

Green Eagle said...

I don't think "Christians" do hate Harry Potter. It's just one more chance for them to force their sick, phony so-called morality on the rest of us, stoking their perverted sense of superiority, while at the same time opening up the opportunity to sucker some cash out of the ignorant and deluded.

Retired Patriot said...

Heh. Great point!


Dave Dubya said...

As a Christo-pagan I love Harry Potter. Republicans are Slytherins.