Monday, December 6, 2010

President Obama (R) Duping America

"The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier." ~ George Bernard Shaw
President Obama, has fooled the American people. But, not in the way the rabid Republicans have accused him of doing. He's not a secret kenyan radical destroying America for Socialism. President Obama isn't a Progressive, he's not a Liberal, heck he's not even a Democrat. No, President Obama is a Republican.

So, in a sense he is destroying America but it is by acquiescing to the demands of the Republicans and agreeing to Republican Piss Down Your Back and tell you it's Raining trickle down political and economic views which have enriched the Plutocrats and sewn the destruction of the Middle Class and Poor in this nation.

He removed the Public Option without a fight. He preemptively agreed tp Freeze the Pay of hard woking middle class Federal workers. And now President Obama has caved monumentally on Taxes agreeing to retain the monstrous Transfer of Wealth to the Rich Bush Rates, including setting the Estate Tax Rate at it's lowest in history, keeping Capital gains taxes at a mere 15% and failing to close the Corporate tax loop holes which allow American Companies to keep firing Americans and moving jobs to other countries.

President Obama appears to be a Corporate toady. I didn’t want to believe Obama was a lackey but the caving to everything the Republicans and Wall Street demand, expanding the War in Afghanistan, fighting to continue DADT and the working with the Republicans to quash and prevent any investigations of Bush and Cheney make it obvious. Obama not only isn’t the Progressive Superman we hoped for, he isn’t even a Democrat.

The entire Right, which only a few years ago said it was treason to question a sitting President during wartime, has called him terrorist-loving, marxist-muslim-hitler on the house floor, blamed him for President Bush's debt and for the malfeasance of BP and the actions of Wikileaks, insulted his birth, his parentage, his family and religion everyday. Yet, not only does he not fight back he ensures from his position to hamstring and geld the rest of the party as well.

He capitulates to everything they want and more.

How did it come to this?


ran said...

Yep. And the beauty of it is that Obama and the Democrats don't even need to negotiate with the Republicans on taxes. In the Senate, they can just use the budget reconciliation process to pass whatever they want with only 50 votes (that's how the Republicans passed the tax cuts in the first place). No need to deal with any filibuster. All this tax policy negotiating is just politics as theater. They need to give the appearance of sticking up for the little guy against those mean old Republicans when in reality they do the bidding of their corporate masters just as well as McConnell and Co.

Dave Dubya said...

All Obama really wanted was to be president. Now he's done. The only "change" we've seen is a darker face on the poster of presidents. That's enough change for him.

Hunter S. Thompson once call Bill Clinton the "best Republican President". Now Obama has become our best Republican president.

Thanks for the link. I'll add yours.