Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Street Plowing is Socialism!

Never miss a chance to party with the rich
'cause the rich know how to scratch that party itch.
For the rich don't care how much it costs
'cause a dollar saved is a dollar lost
when it's coming faster than you could ever spend it. ~ Party With The Rich, The Grandsons
Back in the Blizzard of '79, during the interim non-Daley Chicago Mayoral ship, Jane Bryne (a Daley acolyte) won election precisely because of the inadequate response to the Snow accumulation. This is an affront to God and America! Snow removal is anathema, if he didn't want it to snow he would have made Earth into Venus and then we'd all be living in the lake of fire!

Seriously, I wish the Tea Party would stage rallies in front of those giant Chicago public works lots housing those bastions of Socialism the snow plow/salt spreader! Why don't they stand and tell people if they want their streets and sidewalks clear they should do it themselves?

We all know the answer is because the Tea Party is a sham and the ignorant rabid rightwing which screams Socialism has no idea what that term means.

The Tea Party phenomenon is already done. They are quietly and quickly being subsumed into the Republican Party. Already the Tea Party Representatives are stealing Federal funds, most Tea Party and Republicans represent US states which get more money back from the Federal Government than they pay in taxes, and the same old GOP establishment lobbyists have hooked and ensnared the Teabaggers.

We have a few private roads in my town. This last weekend I had to respond to alarms and a Domestic Battery at homes (McMansions) on that road. Going there was horrid as my Crown Vic slid and fishtailed all over the winding inclined street. The Rich bastards who live off that road don't hire a private snow plow. I have no idea why. Perhaps, like the Tea Party they come to expect certain Government functions to happen without realizing from whence comes the funding.


Sue said...

fucking rethuglicans....

in my town we pay HIGH property taxes and enjoy our roads plowed in the winter. My daughter lives in a state with very little property taxes so she gets NO trash pick-up and NO roads plowed. We have to pay taxes in this country to get benefits. We simple folks don't complain about taxes, we know we have to pay to get. Why don't the thugs know that?

Green Eagle said...

An excellent post, and two excellent links.

Of course, the tea parties were always a phantom, existing only as a corporate-manufactured dumb show designed to give the mainstream press an opportunity to reanimate Republicanism from the grave that Bush and Cheney put it in. Well, it worked, so they can stop spending money on the phony tea parties, and keep it for themselves.

SantaCat said...

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Merry Christmas to all you cool cats and kute kittens!
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Phil said...

The Tea Party is a zit on on the political scene.
Here today, popped and gone tomorrow.
How long has it been since anyone has heard a fucking word out of anyone claiming to be a tea bagger?