Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Scurrilous Hypocrisy of the Republicans and Conservatives

every day is exactly the same
and i've rehearsed my lines
and i know what's coming next
~ Everyday is Exactly The Same, Nine Inch Nails
What's coming next is the Republicans implementing the agenda of the Rich Plutocratic Bastards. What the Republicans are going to do is destroy, underfund, delegitimize, remove every and any Government agency which seeks to help and protect the American people while using their office to transfer more and more wealth to the Rich. So that the greediest Rich assholes who fund Republican coffers can squeeze more and more blood and treasure from the Country. But, while Republicans are cutting Medicaid, social security, OSHA, and the EPA they will have no problem using that self same Government to aid themselves in every way possible.

Here's newly elected Republican Congressman Doctor Andy Harris, who won on repealing Obamacare, demanding his free government health care.

Here's Brain Damaged deranged Republican liar Michele Bachmann, champion of the anti-Government Tea Party Caucus and new Republican Congressmen Vicky Hartzler, Krisit Noem and Stephen Fincher getting millions in Governemnt Subsidies (that is handouts) for their farms. From the article:
Bachmann's family farm, owned by her father-in-law, received more than $250,000 in subsidies over the past 15 years, according to the Environmental Working Group. A Bachmann spokesman said she is not involved in any operational decisions.

Vicky Hartzler of Missouri and her husband own a farm equipment business and a farm where they grow corn and soybeans. She received more than $770,000 in farm subsidies over the past 15 years, according to the Environmental Working Group, a Washington advocacy group that collects and analyzes farm subsidy data.

South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem, who ousted Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, had partial ownership in a ranch that received more than $3 million in subsidies over 15 years, though her family bought her out last year.

Farmer and gospel singer Stephen Fincher won an open seat House race in Tennessee this year while both railing against federal spending and deflecting criticism that his family had received $3.2 million in federal farm subsidies in the past 10 years.
So, never forget Republican Congressmen can get as much free health care and as much Welfare as they want but you, the average American? Well Republicans say fuck you! Who are you? Republicans want Americans to work hard pay taxes which they can steal and then die.

But, of course Republicans and Conservatives are so low and so evil their despicable craven hypocrisy is not only contained in their abuse of Government subsidies and their use of their High office to shape policies which ensure other Americans do not benefit they way Republicans and their Plutocratic Moneyed Masters do. No Republicans and Conservatives also use their power to criminally abuse those who hold different political views.

Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has no problem parlaying her husband's position to advance her fascist agenda and to receive millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks funneled to her and her husband through such bogus fronts like Liberty Central. But, Virginia, not satisfied with ensuring the American worker is enslaved and worked to death for her Corporate Masters, is petty or vindictive enough to demand an apology from Professor Anita Hill for daring to tell America the truth about Clarence Thomas' vile sexual harassment.

Now matter how many crimes James O'Keefe is convicted of or the number of foiled rapes he attempts, O'Keefe is beloved by Conservatives. Because he's a war hero? Nope. O'Keefe graduated from Rutgers in 2006 and avoided the Iraq War Surge and military service altogether. But, because James O'Keefe is a racist bigot who attends White Supremacist rallies and succeeded in destroying ACORN conservatives will forever love him. That is conservatives who claim to despise crime and criminals unless that criminal happens to advance conservative values like bigotry.

And, who could forget, the Conservative War Drum beaters at Faux News and at all levels of the Republican Party and scattered throughout the college-aged Young Republicans and Young Conservative movements? Chicken Hawks one and all.

Republicans and Conservatives are scum sucking punk ass bitches who beat their breast and tear their hair over how evil the Government is but never turn down a free government handout and use their power and position in federal government to enrich themselves and their Corporate Controllers.

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