Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barack Obama Perfect Christian

President Obama is the perfect Christian. No matter how many times Republican and conservative racists slap him in the face he is ready to offer up the other cheek.

It began prior to his nomination, continued throughout his first two years in office with loud and continuous aspersions about President Obama's faith, birth, heritage and family and repeated wishes for his failure, removal and death. Republicans place their party and the demands of the Rich Plutocratic Controllers over the safety of American Citizens. But, even after winning the 2010 elections, with Republicans gloating about working to harm Americans so President Obama fails, he offered forth his hand in brotherhood to work together.

This infuriates blood thirsty Republican savages, like Sarah Palin, who long to kill things and are aroused at the sight of blood. Sarah Palin, is the perfect Republican, a savage anti-christian, who cloaks herself in righteousness while merely using religion to advance herself and her family.

Christianity is at odds with natural human behavior. Love thy neighbor as yourself is a reaction one must learn. Naturally, the last two years have shown that Republicans are false christians. Just listen to them, every single one of the GOP platforms are in opposition to christs' teachings. Republicans succor and fawn over money and build vast temples for Moneychangers. Republicans hate the poor and use the power of Government to see them ground down to an early grave for the Money Masters they serve. Republicans are the first to cast stones for behaviors they engage in wantonly. Republicans love warfare and death and seek to sacrifice as much of humanity on the altars of War as possible.

Republicans hate christ and venerate death, war and avarice.


Sue said...

You are so right Gene! It can't be explained any other way. Today's "Christians" are wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets like Glenn Beck are no different than Adolph Hitler himself. And they call Obama Hitler, how funny is that!

Grung_e_Gene said...

Republicans always ascribe their evil intentions and motives on their enemies. Republicans being inclined to adultery, torture, murder, avarice and theft can not imagine anyone else in a position of power would act differently.

Hence, they believe Obama is a muslim because as Republicans are false christians they axiomatically believe everyone else is false in their protestations of piety.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

I have always said the R's aren't christians and if Jesus had the chance he would smite the living shit outta all of them lying turds with an (R) after their name.