Monday, August 2, 2010

Right Wing Terror Alert - Will Washington's Failures Lead to a Second American Revolution

Of course, don't ever tell anybody that they're not free, 'cause then they're gonna get real busy killin' and maimin' to prove to you that they are. ~ Jack Nicholson describes the mind of the vicious murderous racists modern conservative in Easy Rider.
Conservatives have fully embraced the threat of violence and the use of violence to effect political change in America. This tactic can properly be called Terrorism. When faced with losing popular elections over and over and a rejection of their hate filed bigoted ideology, Conservatives respond by threatening Armed Insurrection and Violence. And we've become so inured to the daily call for insurrection, from "Gather your Armies", to "Bullet Box solutions" and "Second Amendment Remedies" when new calls and new incidents of Conservative Terrorism arise Americans shrug our shoulders and act as though this is sane political discourse.

Well it isn't. Conservatism is a sickness. It's an evil ideology whose practitioners are hoping for blood to run. It's to be expected from a group which venerates southern racist terrorists as heroes.

Conservative miscreants have already killed Americans and plotted to murder more. Who will these sick conservatives murder next? More local police officers? More IRS agents?

Or full on armed insurrection against the Federal Government? Fox News Fueled Conservative Terrorists are gathering weapons for an armed overthrow of the Federal Government.
Raymond Franklin Peake III told police he had been stealing guns for an organization that is collecting firearms to overthrow the federal government, court documents say. Peake also told police that he and Tuso are members of the organization, but refused to give its name.
And it's laughable the cowardly fat-faced R. Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are actively supporting this "Revolution". I can understand why Limbaugh and Beck hate President Obama, he's "black" and Conservatives, by definition, are racist.

But, oh no the Republican Party and Conservatives aren't racist! It's not that President Obama is black! Just ask Sheriff Paul Babeu, McCain Campaign Ad star who declared the 'Government is our Enemy'. Just don't ask him about his appearance on the Pro-White Radio show "The Political Cesspool" hosted by James Edwards and Eddie Miller. Edwards responded with a statement, "For him to act as though he had no idea of our ideology is a lie. Eddie Miller spoke with the Sheriff personally, a week in advance of the interview, during which it was made specifically clear (so there could be no 'confusion') the nature of our paleoconservative radio program." Sheriff Paul Babeu shaven headed White Supremacist Enemy of the Federal Government...

But, getting back to the fact free musings of Ford and Reagan cabinet members Ernest S. Christian and Gary Robbins in their article; Will Washington's Failures Lead to Second American Revolution? Or more correctly they are asking Is having a Black man in the White house leading to Conservative Terrorism?

The writers of incitement to criminal violence warn:
President Obama intent on achieving his transformative goals despite the disagreement of the American people... As Dana Perino said, "You had input. The American people have input every four years, and that’s the way our system is set up."And as Dick Cheney said when told Two-third of Americans say Iraq is not worth fighting, "So?" But, it's very simple when Democrats overwhelmingly win elections as has happened for President in 4 of the last 5 elections those results are to be ignored. When Republican Scum steal an election they craft an Imperial Presidency which violates laws, disregards the Constitution, and starts Wars to accelerate the Transfer of Trillions in wealth to their Plutocratic Overlords. So... of course, Republicans would assume a Democrat would do they same...

Fear and uncertainty stalk the land. Of course, they do thanks to the tirades of Glenn Beck conservatives have been going on, thankfully haphazard, terrorist murder sprees. Byron Williams agreed with his demagogue Beck and was upset by "the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items," so Williams decided to launch an attack on the Tides Foundation but when he was stopped decided to shoot it out with California Highway Police Officers.

Obama is building an imperium of public debt and crushing taxes... Obama's highest tax rate is lower than the one under President Ford for whom Ernest Christian served. The Debt was built up by George W. Bush

He is undermining our constitutional traditions. Christian and Robbins must be upset President Obama isn't accepting his status as 3/5ths of a person as their Constitution demands.
But why is so-called decent Middle America listening to these Sick Hate Mongers? Because Conservatism is a bankrupt soul twisting hate filled ideology which undermines truth, decency and morality and leads inexorably to violence and murder.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

And to prove the point, Conservatives are actively talking about Violence and Overthrow of the Government.
I hope they do feel threatened. Attempts at peaceable protests have been met at turns by feigned ignorance, then mockery, then attacks on the character and motives of those would not sit quietly by. Perhaps it will take a serious review of our capacity for violence to get them to realize we shall not surrender our individual liberties to their lust for power.

I have not yet been swayed to the point of view that an armed conflict is inevitable, TN_NamVolunteer. But we are close enough that one would be wise to prepare for a possible conflict...


TRUTH 101 said...

The web and multipple cable news sources has made it easy for the kooks to find each other. It just seems like there are more than there are.

The real enemy is apathy. Too many are so consumed with their own self importance that they ignore the threats from the wingnuts. They hear about violent overthrow of the government, or some right wing idiot hoping for Obama to be assassinated. They just nod their heads or say "yeah" so they don't have to get involved. Or get in an argument.

They hear a bigot spew racial slurs and say nothing or nod so they don't have to deal with it when they could be watching American Idol.

I wish there were a way to get the apathetic to give a shit about something besides what's on television.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I wish there were a way to get the apathetic to give a shit about something...

Maybe photos of Liberality's Big Boobs and your Big Weiner TRUTH???

Bukko Canukko said...

The question is, who will these brave revolutionaries shoot? The postman? A government agent who comes to their house six days a week and looks at their mail!

But seriously, aside from a few rare freaks who actually pull a gun and often get shot down as a result, the 99% majority of all these 2nd Amendment spewing "revolutionaries" don't have the guts or any plan of who to shoot. They're the kkkomndoes of the 101st Chairborne Division, in the bunkers of heir mom's basement, where heir blood runs yellow with Cheetos...

Tengrain said...

Grung_e_Gene -

Your thesis is sound - all you have to do is look at oppressive regimes across the world; they are universally Conservative, and many of them came to power through coups.

When was the last time you heard of DFHs organizing a coup? Or Libs for that matter?



Green Eagle said...

Isn't it amazing that these incidents seem to happen almost weekly these days, and no one seems to care...Oh well, that right winger only flew a SMALL plane into a government building, not a 767 like real bad guys; oh well, sure some guys killed a couple of cops, but who really cares...Yeah, that guy shot up the Holocaust museum, but it was a Jewish place, and he only killed a black guy...and on and on. What does it take for our press to put two and two together? Or do we have to wait until they bomb another Federal Building and kill a few hundred more people before anyone notices what they are up to?

Grung_e_Gene said...

To Tengrain:

It's following a very easily understood pattern. Faced with increasing losses and rejection of their ideology, first agitate, race bait, red bait, gay bash to the extreme in hopes of pulling out a slim electoral victory or two. And when that strategy is squeezed dry and political isolation looms, use violence and murder and seize control.

To Green Eagle:

The Conservative Terrorists know small demonstrations of their violent resolve/insanity followed by vocal denunciations and attacks are enough to cow and chill the media.

The Puke Republicans meanwhile are busy holding their terrorist teabaggers by the tail hoping to ride them to victory and then followed by a quick shackling and castaration of the Tearrorists.

Liberality said...

And if we are to believe the some of the released FBI files, and I don't know why we shouldn't, even the trouble makers on the left weren't really lefties anyway but were FBI agents trying to break up lefty organizations. Divide and conquer is still in use.

Silverfiddle said...

Tengrain: You are wrong. Progressive regimes are staffed with we-say-so know it alls who use the power of the state to stomp the rights of the people.

It's about power and control. These totalitarians trust the power of the state more than they trust the people. Sounds like the very illiberal modern day democratic party to me.

Green Eagle said...

I hate to find myself agreeing with Silverfiddle here, but I can't accept the notion that all repressive regimes are right wing. You can certainly point out ones that at least started out as left wingers- Pol Pot, the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe and other African governments- and then got repressive really fast as soon as they took control of their countries. Power corrupts, as the man said, and many with the best intentions, like Danton for example, found these pressures too much to resist.

This is a fact of life, not a political point, and it can happen at any end of the political spectrum. Look what happened to the Soviet Union as soon as Lenin died- any shred of devotion to a higher end went out the window with Stalin's taking control.

If we on the left cannot see it when it happens on our side of the fence, we don't have much of a reason to blame conservatives for the same failing.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks, Green Eagle. And in the spirit of intellectual honesty and comity, I will point out that Franco was indeed a classical right wing dictator, as was Pinochet, but that's about the end of it.

More importantly, statism is contrary to liberty. Instead of left right, we should be thinking liberty vs. tyranny.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Silverfiddle you've always been fair minded in your comments over here about your Liberty V. Tyranny views. But, do you think the rhetoric employed by a large swath of the conservative political base is helpful and correct?

Are the calls for "Gather your armies" and "second amendment remedies" by those seeking public office acceptable discourse?

If the Republicans retake control and undo President Obama's policies would it be acceptable for progressives and liberals to turn around and chat, blog, tweet, comment on national radio and TV about killing and eliminating Republicans in office?

Silverfiddle said...

Gene: I think probably over half of the political rhetoric in the country, coming from all sides, is irresponsible, misleading and overall is unhelpful and confusing.

Specifically on my side, I think the birthers are probably the biggest embarrassment. You're free to have your opinion, but there's no "there" there on that one, so it just makes people look kooky.

While the speech you mention is irresponsible, imho, I don't think it's dangerous. Personally, I don't like it, and I also don't like talk of another revolution. Not while we still have the ballot box.

Again, rather than dangerous, I think such speech just makes these people look irresponsible at best and ridiculous at worst.

How many of these big mouths are really willing to take up arms against this country? And by the way, as Bill Bennett points out, you are talking about shooting military people and cops, fellow Americans. Not smart, and very unpatriotic.