Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grand Dragon Glenn Beck Racist Demagogue and False Profit

Update 08/28:
As expected the False Profit Glenn Beck invoked god over and over to justify his inflammatory methods. Onward christian fascists! Take back American from the non-god chosen, the UnAmericans! And the attendees all know who that is... Mark Benjamin, an attendee from Salon counted 27 africian-Americans in the estimated crowd of 87,000.
"It's like the Damn Planet of the Apes!" ~ Glenn Beck critiques the Obama Administration.
The name Glenn Beck brings forth the terms hysterical fabrication, egregious stupidity, insidious ignorance, untrammeled bigotry, complete disregard for the truth and "literal demonization" of his enemies. But his 828 Rally on the site and anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" and recent behavior deserves mention.

Beck has called his Rally Restoring Honor and Reclaiming the Civil Rights Movement. And from whom does Beck need to take back the civil rights movement? And at what point does Glenn Beck feel America Lost Honor? Why from Martin Luther King Jr. when he spoke in Washington DC.

Glenn Beck is a vile racist. Glenn's fans and supporters are racist bigots and christian white fascists; the Conservative Tearrorists. Beck has spent everyday since President Obama was elected whipping up their 'white fear'. His whole show is predicated on playing on the racist ignorance of christian fascists. He invites the ignorant bigot Sarah Palin who tweets a racist should "reload" and continue calling black persons the n-word epithet. He wants his racist followers to take back America from black persons and minorities.

This is whom the 828 Rally is for... That is for whom Glenn Beck speaks...

But, Glenn's not responsible for his actions! A higher power is guiding Beck, god is personally working through Glenn Beck and ensuring the weather for his Rally will be clear and easy. Invoking god or claiming 'he' is speaking or working though you is prima facie evidence of dishonesty and ulterior motives.

Delusions of Grandeur doesn't even begin to describe this level of Megalomania...

That there are Americans, who after hearing someone claim that god is speaking to them, would weigh that claim as positive evidence for the truthfulness of the speaker is sad and disturbing.

Beck also found time to throw an additional I Stand With You Flag to his christian white fascists by blaming Charles Darwin for Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust. Admittedly, this is an old card, in the Creationist hand.

Beck's latest attacks on Charles Darwin are doubly ridiculous inasmuch as Beck is personally responsible for inciting Conservative Tearrosits to violence.

Glenn Beck would have fit in with the Klansmen of the 19th century. Beck is a racist, Darwin was not. Charles Darwin, besides being one of the greatest scientist of all time, was above the ignorant racism of his era he was one of those rare persons who could be outside the zeitgeist of his time.


ran said...

Has that charlatan Beck ever outright called for the violent overthrow of the American government yet? I know he typically just uses code words for that. I'm waiting for the day he slips up in public and gets arrested for inciting armed insurrection.

Grung_e_Gene said...

That would be a violation of his 1st Amendment Rights!

And if his followers believe his "OLIGARHY" claims and shoot at Cops while on their way to kill TIDES workers, or ACORN workers or SEIU workers or the Police or military members themselves well that's their fault for aligning with and serving the ObamaSatanStalinHitler.

ran said...

I get the feeling that if the "Tearrorists" ever got full control, they'd make the Palmer Raids and the McCarran Act's concentration camps look like a day at the park. I applaud your efforts at combating the right-wing insurrection.

Grung_e_Gene said...

What is the sound of rans' hands clapping...

w-dervish said...

Is Beck really a racist? Remember he said, "if you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot". I know he hates Obama, and will say anything derogatory he can think of to insult the guy... but he also knows that the tea baggers are racists who absolutely love to turn that around and accuse black people of "reverse racism"... I think he's just saying what the tea-baggers want to hear.

But I guess it doesn't matter what is really in his heart... what he says and does matters, and if we judge him thusly he definitely is a racist... even if is just an act to swindle his followers out of their cash.

I hadn't heard about Palin supporting Dr. Laura. I think she's jumping on the Beck bandwagon and trying to grab some MORE of that tea-bagger cash for herself. Supporting another's "first amendment rights" without having to say anything racist yourself is a somewhat clever ploy.

Obviously neither Palin nor Schlessinger care about the first amendment rights of those who disagree with them. I guess the Constitution only applies to those who love it as much as the tea-baggers (and that doesn't include blacks, gays, or Muslims).

Grung_e_Gene said...


I think it's more than simple skin tone racism. But, yes I think your conclusions of telling the Teabaggers exactly what they want to hear (ACORN and minorities are responsible) is correct. And yes even if he is just a False Profit his word choice makes him racist.

Beck's whole shtick is predicated on his followers taking his inflammatory premises and then reaching the obvious dastardly conclusion, i.e. Obama is an anti-american socialist whose policies are the same as Hitler's.

And the Palin/Schlessinger blather of "My 1st Amendment Rigths have been violated" is also a conservative talking point always brought out when the bigoted rhetoric gets to much for even Fox to sweep it under the "It's Obama's Fault" Umbrella.

Bachmann brought it out on the House floor in May of 2009; Michele Bachmann speaks to they that hear. "...Someone might hold some very hateful beliefs, but we are America, shouldn't they be allowed to hold those beliefs?"

It's to cover and succor given to the extreme bigots and simple racists in the Republican fold, which the so-called intellectual conservatives allow because Republicans will use any means, especailly these wedge issues, to gain electoral victories

Grung_e_Gene said...

In fact I know I've seen Beck's Line of "Reasoning" used before: Right Here, it's even got a Palin, although the second funniest Palin...

A Muslin Marxist! We've found a Muslin Marxist! May we burn him?

There are ways of telling whether or not the President is a Marxist Muslin.

There Are?!? Tell US!!!

TomCat said...

The name Glenn Beck brings forth the terms hysterical fabrication, egregious stupidity, insidious ignorance, untrammeled bigotry, complete disregard for the truth and "literal demonization" of his enemies.

Gene, you are clearly a master of understatement. :-)

However, telling the whole truth about Beck could overload the Internet.