Monday, August 23, 2010

Republican Divine Rights

While conservatives seek President Obama's removal through the "bullet box" and "second amendment remedies " because he isn't a White Christian Fascist it's interesting to note The Right has lapsed into it's Aristocratic patterns again.

During the American Revolution when Brilliant Progressives George Washington, Ben Franklin, Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson were crafting the revolutionary doctrine of a State divorced from religion and a Representative Democratic government, the Conservatives of the Era (The Loyalists) were busy killing Patriots and Americans and supporting the Divine Right of Kings.

And whom do we find the Conservatives of today supporting for Government, the idiot Republican children of idiot Republicans. Ben Quayle, Rand Paul, George Bush, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and on...

It's part of the Republican core beliefs. It's in the Blood. While less sophisticated conservatives merely look at the shade of President Obama's skin, more sophisticated racists take it one step further.

To conservatives only the right blood line can make a political leader. Even if that person starts wars which lead to the deaths of thousands of innocents, bankrupts the nation and destroys the middle class like the worst President in History George Bush or is a moronic chicken hawk pornographic website writer like Ben Quayle, they contain the proper aristocratic blood.

The Republican Party wants America to be a Neo-Feudal society. They view themselves as Aristocratic overlords smarter and better than the majority of Americnas and they view their conservative hate mongers as the guardians of their wealth and position.

They aren't even subtle about their vicious slander of President Obama. What do you think the constant attacks on his parentage, his religion, his wife, his children, his belief system are? Do you really believe they are a cogent rational disagreement with his political ideology? No they are bigoted attacks on his birth. To Republicans President Obama doesn't have the right blood, he doesn't have the birthright, he doesn't have the Republicans Divine Right of Rulership.

The Republicans called President Obama a Terrorist during the election so labeling him a Godless Socialist isn't that big a deal.


TRUTH 101 said...

You have to admire the way these feudalist bastard bigots cover themselves Gene.

When called out for their racism against President Obama, or their love for dishonest bigots like Andrew Breitbart, they can say that Jesus told them to do it. Then any attack on their bigotry and dishonesty is an attack on Jesus.

I was thinking of changing my moniker to "Pinko Commie Capitalist 101." I may go to "Jesus 101" though. How dare you attack Jesus!


Excellent post - I agree with everything you wrote 100%.