Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Generation We (The Millennials)

In The Generation We Manifesto The Millennials declare in 2016 when they Reach Full Power they will realize their Goal of changing and saving America from the awful damage done by the Baby Boomers. And while they are correct in so much that the Boomers have brought the Nation nearly to it's Doom, My Brethren The GenXers being smaller en masse realize they are caught between the Two Groups with no hope of receiving the support of either.

For Us GenXers it's the equivalent of being caught between the Nazis and the Soviets. Because that's who the Baby Boomers and Millennials are! But, hopefully, the GenXers being quintessentially American can play the same role America played during World War 2 by aiding the winning side and emerging stronger for it while the two evil groups battle for Supremacy.


Serving Patriot said...

As an X'er myself, let me be the first to welcome our new Millenial Overlords!

And please take over NOW! I'm ready to help you and consign the Boomers to the trash heap of history!


ran said...

I also welcome our new Millenial Overlords! Having from birth been trained into being a good member of the collective (aka full-time day care), they will, when their day comes, help undo the societal damage caused by the extremist version of individualism promoted by Reagan and his Baby Boomer followers.

I'm often amused by the thought that if an individualist Baby Boomer (who often puts his/her own needs above the needs of others, including his children) decides to breed, he often winds up handing off care of his children to others. And thus, at least in our society, the child spends the majority of his time in groups of his peers where the caretaker has a main goal of trying to make sure no individual child disrupts things. And so the child of the individualist ends up being raised in a pseudo-collective. In this way, Reaganism has laid the groundwork for its own undoing.