Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Anti-Government Domestic Terror Attack (Conservative Terrorism)

Once is Happenstance,
Twice is Coincidence,
Three times is Enemy Action ~ Attributed to Ian Fleming
I feel I already wrote this post. Mainly because I did. Another angry white male has allowed the demons of his mind's eye to turn him to violence against the Government.

Which party is fomenting Rage against the Government? Which party and it's supporters declare the Government is run by Communists, sides with the Terrorists, is going to intern Americans, confiscate guns and kill old people because their goal is to destroy America?

The Pukes on the Right are the ones fomenting and encouraging armed violence. The Republicans, their Toxic Commentators, and their Conservative allies are directly responsible for these acts of violence.

Of course, Shit Smeared Asshole Michelle Malkin is busy trying to distance herself from the violence she is responsible for... (However, her petulant breath holding insistence that JP Bedell is a Registered Democrat would only be conclusive if for instance party registration meant one's votes automatically went to your registered party and if we didn't have Bedell's writings and diatribes which are positively Michelle Malkin-esque and indicate he was a Right Wing Conservative Terrorist.)

Malkin and others call Obama Terrorist Appeaser, they claim the Government is evil, they want Americans armed and dangerous and when someone swallows their lies and propaganda they busily try and distance themselves while continuing the call for violence. They want the violent overthrow and death of Obama and Democrats. It's been the Republican message since Sarah Palin peddled the 'Pals Around' Rhetoric in 2008 and Republican Extremist Catherine Crabill of Virginia explicitly stated that if Republicans continue to lose at the Ballot Box they will resort to the "Bullet Box" to settle elections.

The question is which Republican will rush to embrace this Domestic Terrorist first? Will it be Steve 'Destroy the IRS' King, Michelle 'Armed and Dangerous' Bachmann or Scott 'Sympathy' Brown?

I don't want to engage in hyperbole but when incidents happen again and again it is foolishness to disregard the plain truth; the Right is overrun with Terrorists who want a small amount of armed violence in order to regain political power.

I don't think I can stress this enough the Conservative Movement has embraced Terrorism, the threat of or use of violence to influence political change. Conservatives have become Terrorists in their quest to gain control of the Government. How many more people will the Conservative Terrorists kill in order to control the Government? And when they lose in 2010 and 2012 will the Conservative Terrorists conduct a full scale Insurrection?


navigator said...

When Obama began his run, I had heard his speech to the previous Democratic convention and my first thought was that this guy might be a good choice. While I would prefer a Republican from a pure policy standpoint, the thought of a reasonable Democrat, who would also be the first Black President of the United States, was pleasing and desirable.

Less than half way through his campaign, I realized that this guy was, as stated above, a flim-flam man and possibly even a danger to our freedom.
He's a con man and a Communist. His grandparents were pro-Communist, his mother's friends called her a "fellow traveler," his father saw no reason there shouldn't be 100% taxation. Obama has said that as a college student he sought out Marxist professors.

As an adult, he worked alongside ACORN, an organization founded to overthrow capitalism. His close political mentor was Bill Ayers. Their close relationship was proven by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers and strengthened by Jack Cashill's research showing strong evidence that Ayers was the ghost writer for "Dreams From My Father." Ayers is a domestic terrorist and small-c communist. Obama's pastor of 20 years preached Black Liberation theology, a Marxist philosophy.

Obama's actions since taking office have consisted primarily of trying to transfer power and money from the people to the state, weakening our national security, showing deference to dictators and snubbing our Democratic allies.

Obama is a Communist, and every day more Americans are waking up to the fact that we have been conned. On the bright side, with the rise of the Tea Party movement and the election of Scott Brown, it's clear we're fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, First it was the nutty professor (An ivory tower socialist who voted for Obama). Next it was the anti-capitalist who flew his plane into a government building. Now, a CARD CARRYING DEMOCRAT who hates the military shoots some officers. Liberalism kills.

Keith Olbermann's hate speech is way over the top...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Liberals love Big Government and are Communists. This is proven every night by every Right Wing Blog and Fox News.

Conservatives hate Government and love Property Rights.

This dead jerk hated Government and championed Property Right above everything. Ergo he is a Conservative. QED.

Terrorists use violence to effect political change.

These incidents of violence have all been perpetrated by men who have swallowed and internalized the Tea Bagger Conservative Rhetoric of Evil Government and then have turned that into violence at Government.

Conservatism is Terrorism.

Silverfiddle don't run from your ideological brethren, Embrace them! Embrace the Conservative Terrorists just as your elected Republican Leaders have done!

Anonymous said...

Your logic is flawed: Cats meow, that girl meowed, ergo she is a cat.

See the flaw?

I believe in personal responsibility, so who's to blame? The people who did it.

If you can show me a picture of him carrying signs at a tea party, I will grant you that it could have influenced him, but that still doesn't make tea partiers guilty.

He was also a democrat, so I think you have some causation/correlation issues to work out.

My comments about Olbermann are just some rhetorical pushback. His audience is way too puny for his histrionic vituperation to have any impact...

Grung_e_Gene said...


Except this ass didn't just 'meow' he ranted a long anti-government diatribe, a manifesto which contains all the Tea Baggers rhetoric you could want...

"Governments lack the profit and loss incentives that individuals and private organizations must use..."

"Communist and socialist governments that abolished or disregarded private property," said Bedell in the recording, "created poverty, repression and murder on a truly enormous scale."

And do you really believe in personal responsibility?Or does that canard come out only when a person who adheres to your political spectrum committ a terrible act because Malkin, Bretibart and EVERY big Blogger naturally assume bad act the result of Liberalism....

And the Democrat thing, let's see in 2008 R. Limbaugh created Operation Chaos wherein he urged his listeners to vote Democrat in the Primaries does that Limbaugh's listeners Democrats???

Grung_e_Gene said...

Oh and Silver Fiddle, I'm a registered REPUBLICAN!!! But, I haven't voted for a Republican for high office since 1996 when I supported a war veteran over a gutless coward (just like I did in 2004).

But, one would only know my sane humane political leanings by my writing.

Just as one knows JP Bedell is a cowardly Conservative Terrorist by his writings.

Anonymous said...

Whatever fairy tale that makes you feel better...

Grung_e_Gene said...

Awwwwww, poor Silver... Don't woory I'm not angry with you. Your realization that you're supporting a group of people who hate you and use violence to effect political change is a crushing reality that's why Malkin and some many other Conservatives flee it and reside in fantasy land...