Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Republicans Want

They want you to be a cog in the machines of Industry and War. This is why they constantly work to destroy Unions, progressive achievements, undercut true education and promote ignorant bigots and bigoted idiots.

The Pro Human Pain and Suffering Chicken Hawk Party of Deferment Republicans are racist but not exclusively racist, as long as you adhear to the proper ideology you will be accepted into the club regardless of the vagaries of your birth. What they want is the The Re-Rise Re-Domination and Rebirth of the Plutocracy a return to the feudal system of the exclusive and the rest of the nation toiling.

In the Republican world view they want Americans to work from 13-65 and then die. Those 50 years of toiling are all you are good for. And if they can allow in an illegal alien from Guatemala to dig that drainage ditch or outsource that medical notes dictation to India for half your cost then only an evil Socialist or Union would oppose them. Unions unfairly inflate Americans wages who should instead be competitively underbidding their labor down to the amount of a third world wage slave. A Nationalized Government run Health Care plan is good for them but not for you. A government supported pension system should give them money when they are old after their "hard work" but not for you.

Republicans see themselves as Gold in Plato's Myth of the Metals (The Republic Book III):
Citizens, you are brothers, yet god has framed you differently. Some of you have the power of command; and these he has made of gold,

Of course, the rest of society the toilers are Brass and Iron, and
when a man of brass or iron guards the state, it will be destroyed.

So the Republicans set up mental and physical cages for Americans because to them the majority of society are slag and have to be kept from destroying America.

And as the Nation slips further into the Reagan/W created Depression without the manufacturing base of decent jobs to pull her out of the slide the Pro Human Pain and Suffering Chicken Hawk Party of Deferment Republicans will increasing see armed violence and insurrection as the only option to regain control, especially if the Hannity Fox led propaganda efforts to smear Obama fail to bring election victories.

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