Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Best and Worst Case for National Health Care

is Dick Cheney. Without the access to U.S. Socialized and Communistic Medical care in place for flabby assed puffy faced bureaucrats involved in Government, Cheney would either have been uninsurable due to his repeated heart attacks or dead.

Worse still is that even though Cheney has turned his "hard work" in Government into a millionaires fortune he has not had to expend one dime of the ill gotten loot towards his medical care. It's covered by the tax payers labor. So the millions he's managed to earn through funneling billions of tax payers dollars to his confidantes and their corporations by using his position and influence is still in his bank account, so he may buy suits and plane tickets, in order to jet coast-to-coast defending his war crimes.

I decided to place my irreverent comment on another blog, that blog owner, as is his right decided to censor and delete my comment and responded in an email with the following:
Cheney is allowed to go to any physician, any hospital of his choosing, that my friend is not socialized medicine it is a gold plan that Obama plans to destroy, I promise not to publish your remarks so people will not know how ignorant about the subject you really are. I'd take the insurance offered to government employees possibly over the plan I'm in. J.C.
Note the "my friend" addition which as pointed out by a comrade from my Corps days is white people speak for I Want To Kill You.

I don't know J.C.'s mind or if the site was a fake personal blog and merely a Republican front for attacking Obama but I wonder if when he writes he'd take the insurance offered to government employees over his private plan he understands he's supporting Big Government Socialised Health Care. Although in his defense perhaps he means he'd take Bush and Republican undercut, underfunded and criminally neglected VA health coverage...