Thursday, April 16, 2009


Torture. George Bush oversaw the implementation of Torture in the name of the American people. The years of Bush the Liar claiming "We do not Torture" and any instances were the actions of a few rogue soldiers sit like a cold shit sandwich shoved down the collective throats of the American people.

Here is the strangest dissonance from the Pro-Human Pain and Suffering Right Wing Extremists: The harsh interrogation methods we used are so wimpy that slapping oneself on air is the equivalent. However, they are so awesome and useful that if need be we can use them and break someone in 35 seconds to save us from the Right Wing Extremist Bogus Ticking Time Bomb Scenario.

So it's both Torture and Not Torture. Or the AQ guys we capture aren't tough enough to have their nuts cut off like Karl Rove & Dick Armey and other Pro-Human Pain and Suffering Right Wingers.

Torture does not work. You will not get accurate information. This has famously been demonstrated by John McCain admitting to being broken by torture and providing false information to his tormentors. Go to Crooks and Liars for video of Mr. Anathema loving him some torture.

Of course, I could be wrong and all those people tortured by the Inquisition actually were Witches and in League with Lucifer! And the Torture kept christendom safe just the way Fox News proclaimed Torture Kept US Safe!

Update (04/21):
Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugged has posted a letter she received from a "Marine". It is absolutely evil and ridiculous. The conclusions reached in the letter is that Torture of captured enemies is necessary to make Soldiers and, of course, President B. Hussein releasing the memos has weakened America.

One of the ideas posited is Drill Instructors' conduct in boot camp is the equivalent of what the torturers did. Well, I was not waterboarded in boot. And I'm not sure why SERE school ever exposed servicemen to waterboarding if it's not torture. Of course, this is when the letter sets up an excluded middle and jumps to to the claim if the US can't torture captured enemies, we can not have boot camp.

Drill Instructors stress recruits, but always in the back of the recruits' mind is the knowledge he won't be killed. Why were homicide charges brought against the DI (who was acquitted) when a recruit was allowed to drown in 2005? Was it because the actions of the DI in causing the young man Jason Tharp to drown were viewed as criminal and not merely as really tough training?

Combat and Torture are not the same. Training for combat and torturing people are not equivalent. Trying to tie them together shows a disturbing lack of moral courage. And this line (bold in the original):
The training techniques were written with the blood of dead soldiers who had to learn the hard way how to train an army and conduct a war.
indicates the presence of a malevolent soul.

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