Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Better Than Obama Birthday

Obama Is Worse Than You Know Who. This is evidenced by a Department of Homeland Security Assessment which found at risk individuals may be targeted by Right Wing Extremists hoping to use them in the same fashion Islamic radicals use hurt, bewildered and disenfranchised muslims as suicide bombers.

The reaction was predictable from the garbage spewing Obama is Worse Than group. Obama hates the Veterans! Obama is stifling Dissent! Obama has brought America to Hell! Michael Savage filed a lawsuit against Homeland Security claiming it: 'violates the civil liberties of veterans and targets Americans for their political beliefs'.

Lost in the shuffle are the actual men and women who have Seen the Elephant and being human are suffering for it. Couple that with the criminal negligence of the Bush Administration's bureaucratic mis-manglement and many of these young stalwarts are languishing in personal torment sadly culminating in the taking of their own lives.

But, The Veterans are not people in this debate. They, like The Troops, have morphed into interjections. An emotional phrase used to badger one's opponent into submission.

Tellingly, Jonah Goldberg and other Toxic Trash Talkers don't provide their partisan readers with evidence debunking the claims of the Assessment. Although they do stammer and repeatedly belabor the fact the report states;
The DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) has no specific information that domestic rightwing* terrorists are currently planning acts of violence.
This is, of course, no concern to me because from 2001-2009 the Bush Administration often played the trump card that they had secret information too sensitive to release. And this report is Unclassified, so too bad Obama has secret intel about Right Wing Extremists which he can't release but which proves 100% that Right Wingers are evil and hate America.

And I could say provide recent examples of a Right Wing Extremist who wanted to assassinate Obama and/or Clinton who might like to use this Marine who apparently had bomb making material in his checked baggage at Boston's Logan International Airport.

Little Green Footballs has angered Right Wing Extremists by highlighting... Right Wing Extremists and the evil Liberal groups (The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Division, the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) who are monitoring them.

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